Still Here?

Only I would have a furniture sale where I ended up with more furniture than I started with, would sell things that weren’t intended for sale, and effectively finish with the same challenge for which I started!  There really is no point hiding who I am.  It all eventually comes out in the wash.  I hope you’ll grow to love these idiosyncrasies as they are quintessentially me, and therefore unlikely to change.


Handsome Devil’s – circa 1967 Carlo Jensen

When I loaded those Carlo Jensen’s into the house this morning, I was fairly certain the handsome pair were going to stay with me.  They’re an excellent vintage, circa 1967, and are stamped for authenticity.  A mid-century modern designer, Carlo’s country of origin was Denmark.  While I cannot find much out about the gent, I know this – he loved Rosewood, and I love him for it.  It has an air of majesty about it.  It’s simple and elegant, and simply elegant.  So there you have it, I fell for them, and for him.  Who doesn’t like a man of mystery?

Several married gals popped in to investigate the sale, and while I could tell they were aflutter with excitement over many of the fine pieces on display, I suspected they held back their amorous feelings due to their other half.  I nearly had Ruth Anne with a carefully crafted pitch, designed to explain why she was bringing an astonishingly expensive piece of art home, without having consulted her husband first.  I still contend that if I had a little more time with her, practicing the delivery, he would have been thanking her for her brilliance.  So goes the sale, she departed without it.

Going Once

Still Lots to see here…

I implore you to have a heart, and pop by tomorrow between 10am – 2pm, and make one of these beauties your own.  Love need not be limited to a single thing – your heart will grow exponentially to hold all the fondness that abounds in this room and elsewhere.  Promise.

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