Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

Unless of course you are gifted the deed to a townhouse, then you have a new best friend.  Real Estate trumps diamonds unless it’s The Hope, but why separate the two.  Diamonds hail back to ancient civilizations, and within their beautiful geometry, mystical magical meaning lies.  Formed from two triangles – one upright, and the second inverted, it is the male and female, the sun and the moon, in its coupling it symbolizes creation, transformation, enlightenment.  Powerful stuff no?

diamond rug

The lozenge can be found in architectural relics as far back as Egyptian times, and century after century, the emotional power of this shape is said to have hypnotic, visceral, and subconscious meaning.  On an elemental level, we are drawn to it.  I know I am.

I’m a fan of geometry in the spaces I design.  It tells a story better than I could on my own.  It shows us something important, sometimes compels us to DO something important.  Diamonds are pleasing to the eye.  There is an elegance to their lineation.  That’s what I call Divine Design.  The Gods knew what they were doing when the created this symbol that would represent creation.

I appreciate these meanings, and incorporate the shapes with intention.  Now that you know their hidden meaning, will they become your best friend?

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