A Little Deck will Do You

Preparing for Spring in New England takes a little perseverance, a bit of planning, and sometimes a take or two.  The weather is persnickety to say the least.  The trick is appreciating a 60 or 70 degree day here or there in February and March, and bracing for snow the next.  crocus in snowApril flowers sometimes need snowsuits, unless you are a crocus in which case … you go, you prefect little ice princesses.  Nothing gets you down.


I’ve got no good answer for this predictably unpredictable weather.  Waiting until the 4th of July arrives to adore my divinely diminutive deck is simply out of the question.  So forge ahead I will, with shovel close at hand.  One must be prepared for the worst while hoping for the best.

Lights are a must to set your deck or yard a twinkling.  No need to worry if you don’t have the ware with all to hard wire them, a single outlet will do for string lights, and like costume jewelry will dazzle all the same.  If you feel like Ben Franklin before he discovered electricity – totally in the dark – many great battery operated strands exist.  Layer them on darling.  Like diamonds, you can never have enough sparkle.  And on that note, don’t neglect your tea lights, and decorative candles, they’re part of the orchestra too.

Finding great outdoor furniture, whose cost is in keeping with its relative use, cue New England, is a near impossibility.  I must sadly leave mine out in the cold all winter, so its got to be tough.  Wicker won’t due, Teak will warp and wear.  A heavy grade synthetic is really a necessity.  Brace yourself, like snow on April 1st, it’s no joke that you’ll probably pay more for your outdoor sofa than your indoor one.  Buck up Buttercup, I tell myself, no one made you live here – you chose it.  Pay up.  I find Restoration Hardware makes many beautiful lines but their manufacturing ability isn’t in keeping with the 21st century.  They epitomize long lead – order now and you may receive your furniture in time for Halloween.  A rotten trick indeed.

Side tables, outdoor coffee tables, ottomans, and decorative planters, hurricane lanterns, and general all weather object d’arts – I simply must recommend Home Goods.  They do it all so well, they are such fantastically prolific knock-off artists, why pay top dollar, when you can serve off of something that looks top shelf?

outdoor furniture

Decked Out

I hear saving money is returning to fashion.  I think this notification was sent to me by telegram….now that I have it there is absolutely no excuse.  Keep me in line .. won’t you?





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