Pastel Palette

How I miss my white Easter poncho.  I do not however miss wearing my winter coat over the poncho.  Ah, New England.  It’s foiled so many of my fashion plans over the years.  One must be resilient – chin up and find a way to tip toe through the snow in your Mary Jane’s.  Aside from my innate love of fashion, it was the pastels after a long winter of dense darks that captured my imagination. Easter Eggs in all their pretty pale hues mark for me Springtime, new beginnings, and the promise of warmer weather to come.


I was thrown a bit by the fashion and interiors trend toward pale pigments.  After all, didn’t I just go and paint my living room navy blue. Yes I did.  Who can keep up?  It’s like I’m wearing bell bottoms when skinny jeans are in.  How déclassé! At least my bedroom is in fashion.  It’s wearing Lavender Ice by Ben Moore this season, and he’s always in style.

BP Living 1

Blue Print . Dallas Texas

Perhaps its the political climate that’s forced the powers that be, to resort to tones that connote innocence.  Palest pinks seem to lead the pack.  From wall color to furnishings it’s popping up everywhere.  While I did consider calling Ed Tasney my Painter up and having him come back with a few buckets of Bridal Rose (also Ben Moore), I’ve decided to ride this wave out.  If like me, money IS an object, you probably have a carefully crafted PR statement that goes something like this:  “I believe in investing in classic pieces that will stand the test of time, and accent my wardrobe and living room with accessories that are on trend, but can be easily (read – cost effectively) replaced. ”

souffle chair

Kelly Wearstler . Souffle Chair

I’m going to have to either re-write my public statement or become filthy rich.  Since I flip houses and replace furnishings all the time, I’m going to need to have my finger squarely on the pulse of the trend.  Darn it all, I better go find Ed’s number.

Happy Easter all of you pink nosed bunnies out there.




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