THROW Caution to the Wind

While normally spring might be a time where one thinks about removing heavy blankets from beds, and putting your throws away for the winter.  I would caution against it – if you live in Boston like me, you woke to snow this morning.  Not a couple of pretty flakes just saying good-bye and don’t forget about me during the long warm summer months – NO.  That’s not what we got.  We were surprised with huge fat, cotton ball sized snow.  Wet, slushy, messy, snow!  I don’t want to sound too complainy, but tomorrow we are expecting 3 – 5″ and I just did my planters and window boxes.  Poor me.  My daffodils can’t possible survive another night of 20 degrees – can they?   They looked so hopeful, now their heads are hung low, and I feel totally responsible.

throw 1

Showing Off . Throws with Brand Identity

We are back to blustery weather, and nothing is more comforting than a warm throw over cold toes.  I love my throws with all their beautiful color combinations, textures, and tassels.  It would feel strangely under accessorized without them.  It never really occurred to me that they should be relegated to a seasonal role.  Outside their practical applications for which I continue to find many – wrapped in one on the deck on a cooler spring or fall evening, on the boat, beach, end of the sofa when the AC is just perfect for a guest but far too chilly for you!  Throws are clearly useful.

throw 2

Alter Placement to draw attention.

They are decorative too.  I find that there are unlimited ways in which they can be displaced and express your artistic flare. I am reminded of the cleaning gals that would alway find a new way to arrange the pillows, display the baubles on the shelf after dusting, or organize the bathroom vanity.  I would think to myself – wherever did they come up with that.  If only I could be as creative on cue.

Milford Street Bedroom

Add to the drama.

A few new ways to display your throws as we move into spring and summer……dare to dream.  I’m headed to find a suitable outfit for tomorrows winter weather watch.  This time I’ll be heading the warning!

throw 3

Don’t throw in the towel.

Happy Sunday.

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