Gotta Get Away

I’ve romanticized travel of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s imagining The Orient Express, The Britannic (one of the two sister ships of the Titanic – we all know how glamorous that ship was until it wasn’t anymore)  and the first class lounge of a Pan Am Airplane.  I suppose travel during that same period of time wasn’t all that enchanting if your ticket was stamped with one very dirty little word …. steerage.  Still the fashion, the design, the luggage, it holds an allure for me for which I am tirelessly drawn.

ocean liner

I love travel.  I accept that on my budget it has many inconveniences.  I hear people talk about it being a curse, the lines, the traffic, the pushing, the lack of civility or customer service, delays, rising prices, diminishing returns.  I nod as if in understanding, and I do understand, but not in the way I would ever give it up.  I’ve found travel gives me boundless energy for life, opens my eyes to cultural differences, and those things that are the same in all humans.  I’ve grown to appreciate that the inconveniences of travel have allowed me to know myself better, and to know deeply, and sometimes very quickly those with whom I have traveled.

A few years ago, as I prepared for a trip to Switzerland, and the South of France, I commenced a hunt for a new suitcase.  I’m not embarrassed to admit that my previous valises were purchased at Marshall’s or TJMax – but I was ready for something that was more indicative of my style.  luxuryI found a beautiful Kate Spade for Steamline Luggage Carry On. I knew of the impracticality of its white leather, and had doubts about the functionality of its neon coral wheels, but the heart wants what it wants, and I bought it.  Many, many trips later it is showing its wear and tear, it’s scared and marked all over its pretty surface. It’s been to Dallas, New Orleans, Nashville, Nantucket, it’s made the trek to Cape Cod and New Hampshire, Chicago and New York, so many times with me I have lost count.  It was a trouper in Switzerland, and France, garnered envious looks in Costa Rica, facilitated the transport of two large, and two small paintings through several detainments in Germany.  It’s gotten around and got me to come around.  That suitcase is a conversation starter, and where I live, people have largely decided talking to strangers is overrated, and dangerous.  It could after all lead to widening ones circle.  Hum.  That’s all I’ll say about that.

kate spade steamerline

Kate Spade for Steamline Luggage

Whether these cases inspire you to consider a new color palette for your home, send you on a hunt for a garden party dress, or set you off in search of your next vacation destination…I do hope they take you on an adventure.

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