Treating My Windows Right

I’m of the mind that no home decor project is complete with a dressed window.  It’s like having eyes with no eyebrows.  It’s shockingly stark, overly surprised, and decidedly uninviting.  My living rooms windows posed a challenge from the start.  Over eight feet tall, set back into a curved bow front wall, and headed with a pelmet (think valance made of wood instead of upholstered).  This last element is original to the building, ornate, and most troublesome.

living room curtain 1

Ideally a curtain would be hung and then the pelmet fitted and secured into place over the rod and with ample room to allow said curtains to remain ambulatory.  Mine are paralyzed – don’t be shocked, I think I have finally worked it all out, but the unique nature of the situation means….additional expense.  I am grateful for the ingenious solution my friend Tiffany devised to solve this most perplexing problem.  With just 1 and 1/4″ between wall and pelmet there wasn’t a lot of wiggle room for a rod or the necessary tools to affix rod to wall.  Thank goodness for smart friends – Tiffany thought to use the soft and flexible nature of copper to curve the pipe to the bow of the wall, allowing us to thread the fabric through the pipe before inserting and affixing it to the wall. Now the curtains won’t move a centimeter but look amazing in their fixed in place position.


The Pelmet in Questions

Back to the Shade Store I will go to manage the second part of the window solution.  I’ll eventually need to part ways with my paper curtains.  They have been great providing the necessary privacy from curious passers by, but it looks a little like paper plates with linen napkins – not quite right.  To go top to bottom, split functionality to allow lower level privacy, while inviting sunshine in at the top.  I prefer a seamless look, but am open to being sold on alternative approaches.  I’ll keep you all posted on the advice and my decision.


Copper…the solution to all problems….stay flexible.

Happy Sunday.



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