Classy Collaborations: South End’s got community

I admire small business owners, and the boutique.  I appreciate the courage,and creativity it takes to pursue a dream and forgo a cubicle in corporate america.  I love that my neighborhood is dotted with shops that express this creativity.  I spend my weekends wandering in and out of the shops, coffee cup in hand, chatting with the owners, getting inspiration, learning about new designers, and artisans, purchasing a card, or a candlestick, a gift, or a bauble to brighten my day.

On Thursday night I popped into M. Flynn at 40  Waltham Street . South End . Boston. A gem of jewelry store, owned by two smart and stylish gals, Moria and Megan Flynn.  MMThey design, curate, and collaborate with other local artists and designers.  After I adorned myself in dozens of beautiful pieces from every day staples to belle of the ball, jaw dropping statement pieces, I wondered into their newly expanded space and immediately spotted some china plates on display.  In a classic navy and white stripe with a gold edge, it really was no surprise I felt as if they belonged with me.  These dazzlers are the result of a collaboration between talented Interior Designer Erin Gates and Pottery Maker Jill Rosenwald.  Erin didn’t halt her inventiveness there – she went ahead and worked with Megan and Moria to develop a line of jewelry which can be found on display at the store.  You’ll go starry eyed for it.  I know I did.

Rosenwald and Gates – at work collaborating.

I thought the plates looked vaguely familiar.  So I dropped by Hudson at 12 Union Park Street . South End . Boston  Indeed, Jill Goldberg, Hudson’s Owner and talented Interior Designer was the first locally to collaborate on specialty pieces with Jill Rosenwald.  Her vases and bowls, serving trays, and lamps in their bright stripes feel undeniably coastal chic.  They are wonderfully contrasted with a signature gold stripe that reminds one that whether you have sand in your toes, or your toes on display in a stiletto these pieces work.

jr jg collaboration

Rosenwald and Goldberg Collaboration

Now tomorrow the weather is going to be wretched.  The kind of day that might convince one to tuck in at home.  Resist the urge.  Make your way to the South End.  It’s Open Studios from 11am – 6pm.  Just three days all year, to peak into the artists quarters, to see established and emerging artists, to purchase a piece for your home, a friends wedding, and any other milestone event.  Supporting the arts, and local business is not only important for our community, but for the enrichment of our lives.  Unless you believe that on-line shopping feeds your soul and real live social interaction is a thing of the past.

Both Hudson and M. Flynn will be open and ready to receive you.  You’ll be better for the visit.  Happy Hunting!

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