South End Open Studios

I put my money where my mouth was, and got out to support the arts today.  One of my very favorite artists is in the Waltham Studios.  Among my friends and I, we own a dozen John Vinton abstract seascapes.

jv in studio

John Vinton in Studio

Some hail from Maine or Manchester, but I selected one he did in Wellfleet.  It’s awash with color and calms me.  A former Architect, John has a real talent.  A few weeks ago, I attempted to copy one of John’s paintings and reinforced the depth of his genius.  I’m glad I stopped by because we got to talking and he just might be willing to conduct a workshop for me and some of my friends.  Perhaps I’ll be able to wade a little deeper in the tidal pool when he’s through with me.

After a month in Napa he’s begun work on a new series from his inspired visit.  Warm days, rich earth, sunshine, and vineyards.  These works, like a great wine, are sure to inspire.

jv napa

John Vinton . Napa Series – in process.

Another notable artist studio I visited was Mark Bouzane’s.  He wasn’t actually there, but the door was open and the light’s where on so in I went.  I am so happy I did.  He had large scale canvases pinned to the walls – frameless.  They were in fact enormous.  They were a bubble of laughter, splashed in a bouquet of color.  They were happy.


Mark Bouzane . 46 Waltham Street . Studio 303 . Boston email:

I went back to M. Flynn again because some spaces just make you feel good.  I love the pale pink walls, and the crystal chandeliers, the Louis Ghost Chairs and the over-dyed rug at the stores entry.  I can see my canopy bed in the front room, and oh the cocktail parties I’d throw.  Sparkling Rose and French Macaroons.  Of course I’d beg the gals Megan and Moria to let me keep the sign that reads:  Faire la fete.  Make the Party indeed.  They are having an appraisal event on 19 May, so dig through your jewelry box, stop by your Grandmothers, and make an appearance.  Whether you show up with a paper bag full of gems or a velvet sack, it’s not their mode of transport that will determine their value.  Maybe, just maybe, your touting a goldmine.  Bonne Chance.


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