Seeing Blue Print

You’ll have to bare with me while I continue to crush hard on this store.  I would say it’s a passing fancy and in a few short weeks some other shiny new thing will catch my eye, and you’ll be spared the relentless chatter, and name dropping that comes with new infatuations.  I would say it, but it would be a bold faced lie, because its true love, and true love can’t be distracted by a well dressed brand. Je t’adore Blue Print!


Crisp upholstered pieces, marble and brass, Oushak Rugs, and sculptural objects define    Blue Print Store . Dallas. Texas

Agree or not, I have decided to attempt to recreate the magic that those BPS Curators and their brilliant Interior Designers from their sister store – Collins Interiors, seem to so effortlessly achieve again, and again.  I realize this takes time, dedication, and loads of practice, but I am tenacious.

Start with some basics – One Kings Lane features all the elements to create your own blue print for a lasting love. Mono Print in Pink $349. by Solcher Marin.  Sofa . Riviera 88″ Skirted $3099.  Coffee Table . Bamboo Plait Glass $329.

OKL orange rug

A great rug is a foundational element of BP Space . OKL Miana Rug, Orange and Violet 8′ x 11′ $1529.

Now BP is very expensive, making the design inaccessible to many.  I think I might be able to achieve a similar aesthetic shopping One Kings Lane finds.  Here they cater to so many different styles, and while all their pieces are not inexpensive, the selection is amazing.  This means if you go in with a budget you are likely to be able to configure many options until you achieve the look you’re after, for your allotted budget.

Accessorizing is terribly important if you are going to make a bid for the BPS essence.  This Nina Raffia Console Table in Indigo – Looks like Bungalow 5 without the B5 price tag at $599.  Mixing contemporary pieces with antique is a hallmark of their style, as is the use of Chinese vases and jars similar to this oversize 5 toe dragon ginger jar – OKL $499.  Finally a throw offers a chance to tie many different colors within a room together, or add a jolt of color to a pastel palette.  OKL – Brahms Mount . Herringbone Throw $243.

Keith Urban might be singing about Blue Not Being Your Color….and as much as I adore him, I have to disagree.  It’s most definitely my color.

Happy Sunday.

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