Design Discovery: On a hunt for talent and treasure.

One of the great things about travel – even if it’s only a weekend getaway, is the discovery of new things, people, and decor stores.  You weren’t going to say that last bit, were you?  Well, that’s what makes me – me, and you – you.  I can be engrossed in a project, intent on relaxing or working out, and the mere hint of an excursion to a new design shop has me donning my Dolce’s, and grabbing my bag, faster than you can say hot farmer.

While I can’t say whether or not the co-owner ever did any farming, he was most definitely hot – sadly I think Joel is married.  You should visit anyway.  The property they purchased is rustic, the vintage outdoor stools, chairs, benches, and re-purposed objects for planting are made hip and inventive with a bucket of paint and a little creativity.  The prices make Home Goods look like the 8th Floor of Bergdorf Goodman they are so good.  No one need leave empty handed when a cute table, fit for the entry of any brownstone parlor will run you the cost of lunch at Abe and Louie’s, with a glass of wine, naturally.  Who couldn’t forgo a lunch or two?

Situated on Route 5 at the Junction of Route 91, Exit 5 in Westminster, VT.  The Cottage by the Brook has a tiny main house, a leanto, and a shed, all cleverly furnished with found objects, beautifully staged – one need not bring too much imagination.  They are supplying it aplenty.

Cottage 1.jpg

$65.00 an unspeakable bargain!

If you fear this simply won’t work for your city home, think again.  There are few things as inauthentic as a home that was shopped from a catalog, that possesses none of the character that comes from collecting things over time.  Stories, whether real or imagined, they are the stuff of life.  Now least you think I have fabricated it all – make a visit, check out hot farmer, buy local.

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  1. Correction requested: The Cottage by the Brook at is Exit 5 off Interstate 91 in Westminster VT

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