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Thank God for Home Goods.  I continue to be amazed by the design quality, the prices, and the knock-offs.  They have them on the shelves before the trend even reaches its peak.  It’s impressive and I am happy to be the beneficiary of the creatives that are in their employ.

HG Flower

Home Goods – $69. Sculptural Elegance on its way to Dallas.

As I work on my friend Melissa’s Dallas Living Room project I thought I’d pop into Home Goods one more time before I make final selections.  As always, I consider the overall budget from which I am working.  Nothing makes me happier than finding a steal of a deal on an item or two, allowing me to splurge on a statement piece.

Both of the above from Home Goods at $69. each.  It’s true!

One might think that all Home Goods carry the same products nation-wide.  As a frequent traveler that has visited Home Goods in multiple states within the same week, and many in-state within the same weekend, I can regrettably report that isn’t the case.  I am still pining for a console table in faux eel skin – the turquoise color and brass fixtures calling my name.  $150. bucks but it wouldn’t fit in my suitcase and a search of three HG’s Stores in my area turned up bupkis and has me convinced that when you see something you like, you’ve got to take it.  The wares are a bit like an elusive unicorn, capturing them requires speed, vision, and leaves no room for indecision.

Carpets from Home Goods $299. and $199. Respectively.  Ca Marche. They work.

A pair of the first lamp featured, which are beyond fab, will be packaged up and shipped west to their destination.  At just $69. each, it’s worth the extra effort, as none of the local HG Stores had them in stock.  A lamp like this could easily run $600. a piece, which makes this bubbly bargain tres excitement, non?

Ballard Designs Valentino and Fine Rug Collection Oushak

We have been in search of a rug that will help tie it all together.  Oushak is our preference but we’ve been resistant to spending more than $3k on one.  With two little ones likely to smear yogurt, and grind Cheerio’s into the delicate fibers, not to mention the wine I am likely to spill when I visit, and the desire to change things up from time to time, this price seems reasonable.  But wait, I found a number of ridiculously inexpensive carpets at HG that would give the overall design feel we are trying to achieve.  With out doubt they aren’t going to win any quality or craftsmanship contests, but at $199. and $299. they will win A prize.  To be fair we are still considering a lovely carpet from Fine Rug Collection.com at just $1170. and yet another from Ballard Design at $2299. (on sale right now for an additional $20% off) – Valentio Carpet.

OKL Sara Coffee Table

One Kings Lane – Sara Table $659.

Now if I play my cards right I could get a couple of these sublimely pearly side tables – Perla Table Kabibe at $1530. found on Melodyinteriordesign.com, and this lovely OKL Sara 55″ Coffee Table at $659.  It’s starting to feel like a Good Home – or is it a Home Full of Good?  You be the judge.


Perla Table Kabibe $1530.

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