Single Aint Your Color

I sometimes forget, as a single person, how much negotiation must happen when planning for the design of someone else’s home.  There’s a husband to consult, two small children to consider (no sharp edges, no materials that cannot be cleaned, no delicate lamps that the dogs tail will whack to the ground) hum.  I thought my own internal dialog was noisy – that my love of pale grays, shades of white, and creams required advanced skills in persuasion.  I think it’s evident, these aint gonna be the colors we (my other single minded design friend Tiffany and I) are allowed to use for a young active family, that wants to play, lounge, and generally not have to worry about their every move.

HG Carpet 2

We’ve made some forward progress, and I’ve been asked to “scratch that” and erase this, and tuck our bright color ideas away in a drawer marked – maybe in 12 years.  I giggle to myself because I am sure that there will be several iterations between now and then, but a family room should be supremely comfortable above all other rooms  in the house.  To be comfortable it must suit the personalities of its inhabitants.  I lost sight of that for a moment.  I am so rarely in my own space that some weeks the only rooms I spend time in are the bedroom and the bathroom.  Enough of that honesty – on to what I hope will be a solution.

Last week the decision to purchase one of the Home Goods Rugs was made.  This was a good decision for a number of reasons.  First – the price was unbelievable at $149.  It offers the lightness we were looking for in a dark room, and the Client (that’s our dear friend Melissa) loves it.  These are big wins.  A tiny drawback of this particular carpet, which I point out for your consideration when buying your own, is that the palette is limited.  Its base is cream with a black and gray motif.  This will limit what colors we can introduce into the room.  A rug can be a powerfully unifying element.  The more colors in it, the more you can pull out of it – for solid chairs, for pillows, accent tables – you get the picture.


Trellis curtains – Fabric Kravet – from Charlestown found a new home in Dallas.

I think by selecting a Basketweave Trilby Gray Fabric for the Eton Chair by Ballard Design we’ll allow the neutrals (pale flax sofa, carpet, and chairs) to live in harmony with one another.  I should remind everyone that they must also work with the trellis curtains, which were repurposed from my Charlestown Condo.  Don’t ever let anyone tell you custom curtains are one and done.  We can cut them down, let them out, stitch them together…find a way.  Yes, there is a little work, and creativity involved, but it makes for a better story, oh, and more pride.

Brahms Mount Herringbone Blanket and Jo-Jo Designs Striped Pillows.

We’ll pack a little fruit punch of color here, and there, with varying shades of orange – a favorite shade of the Lee Family.  Maddy can only bark her approval, and Maggie is too young to voice her opinion, but I just know she’ll see it my way.



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