Seeing Clearly: Lucite looks good in any setting

Ever have a piece that you loved so much you didn’t want anything else to overshadow your feelings for it?  You want all your guests to only have eyes and admiration for your prized sofa, or work of art.  We can’t have you refusing to furnish your room because of these feelings.  I would NEVER suggest, that for utilitarian purposes alone, one might need a coffee table, a sofa, dining table, chairs and the like….I am a designer – even if my own home(s) are the only places I design.  Some things you should be required to buy just because they are strikingly beautiful, just because the color reminds you of the ocean on a particularly sunny day, just because it made you smile.

lucite lamp

Lucite Baroque Lamp – Lamps Plus $79.99

In the event you aren’t quite convinced, and you haven’t had the practice I have had justifying outrageously priced objets d’art, finding them comfortably snuggled among your other possessions, and responding without hesitation to inquires regarding your new purchase –  “That old thing, I had it tucked in the back of the closet, stored on the Cape, lent to a friend”.  You get the picture, be creative.  Let me be CLEAR – it won’t kill you, and that new little happy might make you just that.

lucite crib 4500.

At $4500. This All Modern Lucite Crib would have to be my permanent bed!

So back to being clear, lucite is a wonderful way to ensure the focus stays on that sofa, or stunning pair of French Bergere’s.  Today you would be surprised by the breadth of items and lines that are made with lucite and lucite accents.  If making decisions is hard for you, this exercise will not be easy.  Narrowing down by price and type will help.  You’ll find loads of side tables, chairs, and coffee tables, and just a few dining tables, and desks.  Lamps, stepping stools, cribs, and more can be found bent, laser cut, pierced and perforated to allow light to pass through.  They can be found mimicking traditional pieces, or their clean lines showcase a decidedly modern aesthetic.

Both of these glamorous pieces won’t be 2nd Act for long.

For anyone building up the courage to debate the “fit” of lucite within traditional settings, let me say, I love a good debate, write away, but I am unlikely to be swayed in my thinking.  Lucite lets things be what they are.  It doesn’t fight for attention, it allows you to see through it, to feel the vastness of the space (even if it’s not vast at all – which you should note is a wonderful designer’s trick), to let someone, or something else be the headliner.  Now that’s one CLASS ACT.  I’d expect nothing else from faux glass.

The Social Climber.jpg

It’s called “The Social Climber”  are you surprised it’s price upon request?

Hope your weekend sparkles.

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