Weathered Shingles and Cozy Cottages

That’s signature Cape Cod – more specifically Old Cape Cod.  These little gems, rather like doll houses, were quintessentially the Cape, where one was meant to spend their time on the dunes or seaside, rather than seated on the sofa watching a Real House Wives marathon.

When the rain came down, or night fell, the interior – walls paneled in pine with built in bookshelves, laden with board games and puzzles, beckoned, offering comfort and good old fashioned entertainment.  It’s funny how the walls don’t close in on you when the room is filled with laughter.


Color me….

Yards were meant for entertaining and didn’t require the newest outdoor furniture line release from Restoration Hardware (sorry RH, I love you, you know I do!) to tender an invite, a couple of folding chairs and a card table sufficed.  A holler over the fence, a last minute plan hatched on the beach, a run-in at the grocery resulting in an extra package of hot dogs, another bag of chips, and a few more bottles of wine.  The more the merrier.  Another reason to love these gatherings…they were come as you are.  Off the beach, after a round of golf, having whiled away the hours swinging in the hammock, reading a good book – no worries, you’re perfect.  Just the way you are.

the priory

The Priory circa 1910

While the Cape isn’t know for pastel painted shutters, and flower boxes, I will admit those that have a little pop of color have my heart.  Once those shingles weather, which they are known to do, they need a little happy to soften the grey – in my opinion.

To all the Dad’s this Father’s Day – I hope you found your own uncomplicated hap[py with your family.

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