Living WITHOUT Regret

Oh let’s face, we’ve all gotten it wrong a time or two before.  That dress the sales gal told you made you look fabu, but the only thing fabulous about it was your decision to never wear it again despite the cost.  The handsome chap who’s kisses made you weak in the knees, but who’s weak character you should have spied, days not weeks, into the interlude.  I can’t tell you how many sofas I have purchased only to have my eagerly anticipated, custom order arrive, and discover with tears of frustration, that it doesn’t look at all like the life changing coach on display at the showroom.  How is it possible to be so sure about something, and to get it so wrong?



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Blue Jean Girl.

Prepare yourself for the cliques – Life’s too short to live with regret.  So what – you bought a dress that made you look short and lumpy.  Who cares you’ve kissed more frogs than princes.  Having the right sofa never resulted in familial harmony.  It is just a sofa.  Still, while we must forgive ourselves, it would be nice, now and again, if someone else would cut us a little slack for our transgressions.


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Forgiveness comes…Restoration Hardware.

I am happy to report – someone will, or in this case, some international conglomerate of a retail store will.  Bet you didn’t think that was the direction I would be going.  It’s true though, Restoration Hardware has a policy, albeit a tight lipped one.  If you simply can’t live with that “mistake” any longer.  If you are considering buying stock in Kleenex because the river of tears won’t relent whenever you are in the vicinity of the offending object, attendez.  RH will take it back.  That’s right.  You heard me.  They won’t give you all your money, but they will give you a 50% credit.  And by the way, it doesn’t even have to be right away.  I am returning mine, 3 months after its arrival.

I’m tickled pink.  That tiny bit of a swatch was never going to tell the real story, and the story is, it looks more like dungaree, than a sophisticated tweed.  I’m forgiving myself.  Oh there are plenty of other things I will beat myself up about, but getting half my money back for a future RH purchase isn’t going to be one them.  Sometimes you can get just the right amount of forgiveness to soldier on.

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