Seeing Double

Seeing double in my experience, has never been a good thing.  It typically followed a night, where I might have accidentally had a glass of wine, or two, beyond my limit.  While limits can be soooo restrictive, there’s a reason they exist.  Regrettably I know why.  Believe me, I wish I was reporting that I’ve been on the receiving end of an eye-full, or two, of some mouthwateringly hunky cowboys, that were on the right side of the gene pool,  and decided to share those genes with one another, making the world a happier place.  Nope, I am reporting no such thing, only a mild headache and slight nausea.  Damn blurry eyed vision of the duplicate version.

double v

My most recent double take left me feeling just about the same way without the fun night that preceded it to soften the blow.  Before I explain why, I want to say I am happy for that beard donning, mountain man that’s made the city his home.  In this case made himself very much at home in MY old home.  He changed it all, or his Interior Designer did, save for my sad little window seat cushions wondering where all their beautifully complimentary friends took off to, leaving them behind.


Milford Street . seen my way

I wouldn’t have even known, where it not for one of my friend’s ,who spotted it published in The Boston Globe’s Sunday Magazine insert.  There is was, all the sublimely calming Benjamin Moore Cloud Grey hidden under cream.  The sleek marble of the fireplace encased in a hewn wood, painted in the same color, my Arteriors Zanadoo Chandelier mysteriously missing in action.  I felt a little heartsick over it, which is so unlike me.  I barely give a backward glance when I turn the key for the last time.


Boston Globe Magazine . seen another way.

Some of the sting most certainly came from being referred to as the “single woman” that lived there before, – “lots of feminine touches”.  Hum, I object.  Grey is a neutral color!  Now I could see him objecting to the pale pink – Benjamin Moore’s Bridal Rose, but in my defense most people thought it was white.  They didn’t even see that it was really pink. Everyone knows that pink light flatters – don’t they?  I giggle a lot as I write that last sentence because, please….I desperately hope that most people, particularly men, don’t know any such thing!  I am wondering what the heck the next Owners of Waltham Street will think of my Benjamin Moore, Lavender Ice bedroom.  It’s definitely girly.  Oh wait, I am a girl.

Ok, enough of all that carrying on, it’s all in good fun.  I am very happy that Luke has made the place his own. It deserves to be loved, and lived in.

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