It’s a numbers game.

Did you say stud?  Why yes, take it all the way back.

Instead of the sound of sand beneath my toes, I’ll be listening to the sound of crunching numbers.  Instead of a cool breeze and an ocean view, I’m hitting the hot pavement, and investigating the insides of closets.  Since I’m not getting paid to be a life guard, this little life of mine will be spent in the city until I can get something to pencil out.  One can only hope that the cash buyers traded their Gucci loafers for a pair of flip flops and some cool shades, because losing really smarts like a bad sunburn.

Rutland 3

No explanation required.

One can so easily feel like they are drowning when you lose out to others.  When our survival instincts kick in, logic often seems to take a vacation – in a foreign land – where it doesn’t speak a lick of reason.  While I love a vacation, and not speaking the language can be a welcome break from reality, my bank account will demand an explanation for my rash and emotional behavior.  So, how will I keep a cool head as the bidding war heats up?  Good question.

Rutland 6

Kitchen Confidential

I’m beginning with some perimeters.  I am in the hunt for a condo that’s between $500,000. – $600,000. and in the low 800’s a square foot.  I plan to stick with what I know.  A one bedroom apartment in the South End.  Two properties were listed this week that fit within these perimeters.  They do now anyway.  What will happen come Monday when the numbers are tallied is an entirely different story.  The first is a wildly good price, but for a reason.  It really needs to be taken back to the sticks.  Even then, the best design can’t change the lack of natural light, and the narrow halls that make a gal like me feel claustrophobic.  I’ll pass.

The second is a corner building, on a quiet square.  Well kept, beautiful detail, untouched since it’s original conversion to a condo in 1986 – same Owner too.  Quite unusual.  This I pull out my pencil for, but when I do, I will be swimming out past the buoy.  No one will try to stop me.  Perhaps I should consult the life guard who’s in residence at The Ink Block.  Clearly I may need saving.  These waters could be treacherous.

Rutland Deck

On the bright side….

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