Namasting to the Numbers God

Despite my best yogic efforts, and setting an appropriate intention this morning, I am no closer to knowing what the right number for this property should be.  Tick tock.  Should I drop my financing contingency?  Offer a lease back for 30…60….90 days?  Those, believe it or not, are the easy decisions.  It’s the number that is the tough one.

9 Greenwich 1

It’s in the details.

Offer too little and I’m out of the running.  Offer too much and I stand to make even less than on the last one.  And if I do get it, I just know I’m going to want to do it right.  The big stuff, kitchen – gut, bathroom – facelift, air conditioning.  Then there’s the small stuff that can add up big.  The doors – we’d need to part in sweet sorrow.  They were meant for a Cape Cod half house, not a South End Brownstone – hollow is not my color.  Then I’ll want the hardware, Olympia or Baldwin.  The floors need to be stripped and stained dark, the bedroom carpet taken up and replaced.  I wouldn’t even pretend to hide it from myself – I’d want Stark.  The closets, lordy I love a closet….so in case you aren’t hearing me, those would need to be changed too.  Then there’s the closet off the living room where traditionally a Parlor Level unit would have pocket doors.  I’d like to put a single murphy bed in there for guests when I’m lucky enough to have them.  It’s the perfect little boat cabin, and everyone knows boat cabins are expensive.

9 Greenwich 2

Sounds tres cher, because of course, it would be.  I hate leaving things undone.  It’s like wondering if you’ve left the stove on when you’re already halfway to Maui.  Can’t do anything about it, and still, it takes up valuable mind space.  I’m willing to bet that when this adventure is all over, I’ll have a list of all the things I didn’t do.  Maybe I should have set my morning intention on being at peace with all that I have done.

I think I’ll sleep on it.  Happy Sunday.

9 Greenwich 6


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