Splendid: It’s in the details

I love to travel.  Oh I’ve had my fair share of inconveniences, delayed planes, missed ferries, lost luggage.  I remember a time fondly, when I was detained in China, passport taken – presumably for safekeeping, though very little was communicated to us – and left for 24 hours in a hotel room.  I had no visa, so no actual right to be there, but had missed my connecting flight to Vietnam.

A Spendid

Isn’t that coral glorious?

When I did arrive I learned a thing or two about travel.  First, time is perceived in wildly different ways around the world.  Itineraries are loose guidelines and not permitted to get in the way of adventure.  If you were expecting to start your trip in the Northern region of the country and instead you land in Saigon – you’ve been given the gift of seeing things a little differently.  Train only has one track that everyone must share – be kind – be thoughtful – wait your turn. You’re asked to sample the local cuisine and think to yourself…is it a grasshopper, an eel, some indiscernible meat…as long as it didn’t find its way to you via a street vendor – be polite – try it – prepare to be surprised and perhaps also delighted.

Travel is supposed to be at times hugely uncomfortable, a little frightening, and most definitely frustrating.  If we weren’t made to be pushed outside our carefully packaged existence, how would we know for what we’re capable of?  Where would our very best stories come from?

A Splendid bed

A built-in that accommodates a chair…love at first sight.

For me, some of my greatest inspirations came from traveling to foreign lands.  Naturally I find my imagination is sparked by architecture and interiors, but comes too from the color of the water.  The South China Sea so vastly different than the Aegean.  The ruffled leaf on a plant, a spikey fruit, the smooth ballast stones that line a dusty Roman Street.

a splendid dining.jpg

Table with a view.

In just 10 days, I’ll be off to experience a whole host of inconveniences, gastronomic wonders, cultural disconnects and humane gestures, humidity so thick you can cut it with a knife, the crisp prickly sensation of Dalmatian salt drying on cool skin, and with absolute certainty – architectural splendors.  First Stop Venezia.

Tucked under the eaves never felt so cozy, the simple molding makes the space special.  Rich purple accents, front and center on the headboard, and peaking out from behind the curtain tie the rooms accent color in beautifully.

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