uHU: There’s a roadshow coming to a neighborhood near you.

That is – if you live in Boston.  Not wanting to be left out of the tiny house movement, and with many insiders and outsiders questioning the definition of Boston’s so called affordable housing, the city’s Housing Innovation Lab is hopping on the bandwagon.  A tiny wagon for sure at just 385SF.  Still, not as tiny as some of the existing stock in the marketplace from way back when before there were zoning boards, and approvals processes that decided, absolutely no one should live in less than 500 squares.  Potato, potato, small living’s great.  Being forced to sit with one’s own thoughts will help you keep it real.

a uhu 1

All Photography – David L. Ryan Globe Staff Photographer

So, can this tiny stand tall against the likes of Tiny Heirloom or Lumbec?  I have an opinion, naturally.  My design would not have to please anyone but me, while Addison Godine of LiveLight, LLC and Tamara Roy, Boston Society of Architects, President, and Principal – Architect and Urban Designer at Stantec, needed to not only appeal, but persuade many to love their design enough to support allowing these micro-maisons to squeeze into neighborhoods around the city.  The roadshow will include stops in East Boston, Roslindale, Dorchester, Roxbury, Allston, Mattapan, and at The Boston Society of Architects.  290 Congress Street . Boston.


a home uhu 2

Shelving units help economize on space and budget.

At it’s current price of $75,000. It won’t be for a lot of twenty-somethings.  Emily Seawall Butler, 32 of Nantucket built hers for about $25,000.  a whole lot fewer clams.  Of course she did it herself – I am all too familiar with the cost of labor in Boston, so an uncharge is to be expected.

a uhu 3

Custom furniture can add to the cost.

All in all, I like it.  It’s sunlit interior made possible by sliding glass doors, drop down projection screen for tv viewing, and distinct living, bed, bath, and hallways make the space feel like a home, rather than a room.  The name is very sweet, announcing it’s arrival like a friendly neighbor from the south might.  uHu….anyone home. Much more welcoming than Urban Housing Unit, for which the acronym stands.  With a demand for 53,000 new units in and around Boston by 2030, someone better be answering yes, because honestly I don’t know wherever they will put them all.

a uhu 4

A place to rest your head.



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