Distressed: We’re not talking wood.

Where are all the gently worn, the thinly veiled attempts at an upgrade, the total guts?  I want the distressed, and frankly it’s stressing me out that most everything that has come on the market has been recently renovated.  The prices reflect it.  For that matter, even the properties that clearly have been used and abused, don’t believe they are any less valuable than those that went to the effort.  $1000. a foot seems to be the South End base line.  What a jip.  The question is …. will it hold?


Happy Holidays – Red and Green….

Since I don’t have the answer, I wait.  There was one property that needed a kitchen and bath gut – legit too, not a Jackie doesn’t like it, so it absolutely must go.  It had a p-lam countertop.  So eighties.  It would have to go, and the walls painted in ruby red and forrest green.  Oh no.  On the plus side it had high ceilings and was a two bed.  While it’s on the market for $951K a foot, it won’t go for that – it will break a thousand.


Dated but the brightest of the rooms.

In my opinion there are major drawbacks to the property.  There is no outdoor space,  no parking, it’s in a converted Fire Station and part of a two building 30 unit association – it looks institutional in the common areas, and the unit itself lacks natural light.  Light is a non-negotiable for me.  It lifts your mood, even when your mood is intent on being dark.  No light – no offer.

Great location – no question it will sell this weekend, but not to me.  I don’t HAVE to feel excited to make money on a property, but I WANT to feel excited about it.  I think it nets a better design, more money, and enhances my enjoyment living in the space.  Will I be able to hold out for true love.  Keep checking in, keep me honest, I promise to tell the truth.

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