Pappelina: Plastic Rugs

STOP RIGHT THERE.  I know what you’re thinking – plastic – how gauche.  If you think there is no place for a plastic rug in your life, these Swedish beauties are sure to change your mind, and I plan to help that process along.

Pappelina . a mash up of the words; paper, linen, and Lina (Rickardsson) the designer and founder of these unusually thick, soft, rugs.  Pappelina, the name just rolls off the tongue. I like saying it several times in a row.  Some words are like that.   I can imagine the rugs rolling down the hall, in that lonely space between the kitchen sink and the island, in your mud room, on the patio, just outside the splish, splash, bath.  Practical, sure.  Pretty, a mon avis, oui.

The use of roughly twice as many plastic ribbons to fabricate the carpets, along with a technique called Jacquard, which allows for free form patterns, helped contribute to the explosion in sales.  While the BOB – a standard striped pattern remains a top seller, the VERA which uses the Jacquard technique gives it a run for its money.


Rex . Pappelina Plastic Rug.

It naturally lends itself to coastal locales as water, sand, and at times what seems like the entire outdoors, finds its way in.  I would argue though that the beautiful patterns, colors, and durability should not be overlooked for a city apartment, a ski chalet, or a cabin in the woods.

Svea - Pappelina

Svea . Pappeln Plastic Rug.

They are eco-friendly – made of Swedish Plastic Foil.  The plastic ribbons are new PVC, not recycled so they contain no harmful metals, or softeners, and maintain color and durability.  They are easy to care for, and I know that many will argue their Oriental Rug needs no care at all, hides the dirt, and spills, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.  Pappelina rugs can be tossed in the wash – you heard me – throw them in the washing machine, and then let them air dry.  Try that with your Oriental, and let’s not forget they are super high maintenance when it comes to storage.  They like to be hung, not rolled, a major inconvenience for those of us that don’t have a rug barn on our property.


Will . Pappelina Plastic Rug.

Pappelina – there I go again – saying it.  It feels as good as taking off my 5″ pumps at the end of a long day and walking up and down my own private runway – I mean runner.


Koi . Pappelina Plastic Rug.

Locally they can be purchased at:  C’est la Vie, Marblehead, MA, Colony Rug Co., Hanover, MA or Isabel Harvey, Wellesley, MA – for additional information and stores near you –


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