Falling for Another Tiny House

I can’t help it, and no sooner would I try to forsake my love of shoes and the unthinkable price I pay for them, than I would give up my adoration for the tiny house.  I wonder sometimes if people think this fondness is disingenuous.  I get strange side-ways glances from folks when I tell them I love tiny.  There exists a coziness, a deliberateness in one’s existence when you live small. It seems simpler in a world that is incredibly complex, like a childhood story book.

Fall Foliage.jpg

Fall Foliage Abounds . New England

I admire the level of inventiveness that one must resort to in both the design, and how you go about your everyday life.  What to shop for, and store in your 24″ fridge.  Clothes shopping, one in, one out.  There is absolutely no place for big box store purchases of 196 rolls of paper towels.  I feel relieved about that.  On so many levels frankly.


In the eye of the beholder.  

Small living, I believe supports good decision making. You don’t invite people to stay that you don’t really like – there’s simply no where to go to get away from them.  You don’t over eat, thinking to yourself you’ll just wear your “plump you” clothes – there’s no place for two sets of clothes.  You have one special set of things you were with pride.  Put that cookie back on the platter…says the girl that lives small.


Seriously …. could be the sweetest home.

This weekend I found two little gems.  Sure they need some love, but I simply adore a project.  I fell hard for them both.  It was a coup de coeur – that’s a real estate crush.  I see a lot of real estate, I like it, but just not enough to stop dating.  Here’s hoping that I find one somewhere on this crazy journey that removes all doubt.

Happy Columbus Day!

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