Kitchen Confidential:spaces that are pleasing to the palette

While I might want to believe my intentions are good, I feel a touch of guilt over my somewhat unsustainable leanings.  One of the very first impressions that my new little home will make once you walk through that door – which also must go, so I am sending up prayers to the Gods of the Trustees … of the condominium that is – that they approve its replacement.  It simply won’t do for the first, first real impression.  But what of the second, once that door opens, you look directly into the kitchen.  A kitchen that has black granite counter tops flecked with mauve.  You can’t make this up.  Followed by shaker cabinets, stained in an orange hue, and sunshine yellow walls.  “Perfect” says my Father and building advisor – “I’d move right in”.  Oh how we disagree.

Left:  Hanson Door . Not to be mistaken for a handsome door. Right:  Original South End Brownstone Door – reclaimed from an earlier project – how sustainable!

When it comes to matters of the heart I have been told I’m too picky.  Discerning perhaps, and since the kitchen is the heart of the home, I plan to keep an eye on it.  My eye is telling me that the cabinets must be changed, the countertops must go, and my heart is telling me to do the right thing where our environment is concerned.  Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t present a pickle for me.  I’m going to keep those cabinets and paint them.  If you know me at all – the countertops are no longer welcome.  If the suit makes the man, the countertops dress the kitchen, and you wouldn’t put that bird on your Thanksgiving table without dressing it, would you?  Don’t answer.


Simply divine.  Painted cabinetry done right.

Ensuring the coat that will hang over that suit, suits your longing for quality craftsmanship, I recommend getting a professional.  While it’s not impossible to engage in a DIY painting party, cabinets are tricky.  They are finished with, well a protective finish designed to allow you to scrub the dirt and oil that is right at home in one’s kitchen.  Cleaning thoroughly with a TSP Solution, sanding, cleaning again, filling any gauges or grooves, and then painting is a tricky endeavor. Dust likes to get in every nock and crannie. Unless you are planning on erecting Zip Lock Barriers, Installing Hepa Filters, and  constructing a clean room for spraying the fronts, the quality you are likely to get will be sub-par.  If you find yourself tempted to google any of the terminology I used in this paragraph, just skip it, and look for a Pro.  Trust me, the money you spend will be worth it.


Devon Kitchens . my cabinetry crush.

Even my own builder doesn’t like to paint the cabinets.  He says it makes him nervous.  Whenever anyone says something can’t be done, I simply remind them about the Pyramids.  Of course money was no object for the Egyptians, and it most definitely is for me.  Still, I’ve painted a picture of how I see this culinary hot spot, and so it will be.


Benjamin Moore . Catalina Blue.  Did I get it right?

Happy Sunday.


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