Color Wars

This isn’t South Central LA, and this war isn’t between the Crips and the Bloods, it’s between me and the paint color.  I’m definitely having a violent reaction to the color I choose.  I was so careful.  Sampled so many.  My greatest fear was that my kitchen cabinets would look like they belonged in an ice cream parlor.  And they do!  They resemble mint chocolate chip gelato without the chips.  What a jip.

Left:  Benjamin Moore – Catalina Blue  Right Top:  Benjamin Moore – Bali  Right Bottom:  Benjamin Moore – Wedgwood Gray

This never would have happened if I had selected a gray.  The reason is … I love gray.  I adore it in every cloudy, moody, chalky iteration.  To me, it’s beautiful.  It can be sophisticated and intense, innocent and fresh, complex and interesting.  I speak it’s language so fluently, it’s as if I was born to it.  Mint Green is as foreign to me as Japanese.  I’m having a hard enough time with French.  Should I bite the bullet and say sayonara to it?

Left:  What I was shooting for….  Right:  Catalina Blue – what I got.

I’m having a hard time choosing between taking a hit to my wallet or to my ego.  Both will suffer the consequences.  I’m inclined to give it another go.  I’ll be looking at these for some time, and I’m not sure I can stand the constant reminder of my mistake.  Off the cabinets will come, they’ll get loaded aboard the truck, and taken to the paint shop.  They’ll be sprayed again, reloaded, returned, reinstalled.  Getting it right takes patience, and obvi…money.  Breath deep and remember the Chinese Proverb about the farmer and his son…maybe it’s bad luck, maybe not.  We’ll see.


Ho Boy!


2 thoughts on “Color Wars

    • yes – they were Calcutta Blue. The lighting wasn’t great, and neither was the color! Just made another similar mistake in my new apartment! Take II looks so much better. Wishing you a prosperous new year with spot on color selections the first try.

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