Permanent Fixture: a river runs through it

Finding fixtures that add sparkle and glamour to your kitchen and/or bath is as important as adding jewels to accentuate your ballgown before appearing in front of royalty.  No outfit  or bit of finery, whether a couture creation or an off the rack – Nordstrom or otherwise, can be considered complete without it.  One CAN go too far though.  Adhering to the less is more philosophy of Mies Van Der Rohe is advisable.


Brass accents glamorize a country kitchen.

I never minded a mixed metaphor, and have adapted or adopted a number of rather unusual ones over the years.  They tickle my funny bone and create vivid imagery – “it’s like trying to stuff ten pounds of sausage in a two pound bag”, “it’s like trying to shoo a gorilla”, so let’s get to it – “it’s time to get all our ducks on the same page”.  And the page I am on, as far as fixtures are concerned, is the one where metals are NOT mixed.


Never tire of the gray and brass combo . so cosmopolitan

Trends come and go.  Chrome is in one moment and out the next.  Gold, brass, antiqued brass, and wrought iron all have had there day.  Remember the seventies and gold swans spouting water?  I feel like I need a shower just thinking of it.  Who knew all these years later I would engage in a love affair with satin brass and polished brass all over again.


Refined elegance.

For most of my fixture finds I go to Rayburn Hardware, 24 Roland Street, Charlestown, MA, but on-line sources offer great discounts if you are certain about what you want.  EFaucets, and FaucetsDirect have great offerings too.  Go bold.  Changing out fixtures isn’t so involved, so if being on trend is important to you, and buying a new home and renovating every season isn’t as compelling as reading about someone that’s crazy enough to do it – you now have the answer.




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