Festive Fetes:


Throwing a holiday party is a lot like a construction project.  There are regrettably untold numbers of people who will lecture you on the impossibility of making your vision a reality.  They’ll talk logistics, timing, cost, practicality.  They’ll make a valiant effort to convince you to move in a direction with which they are familiar, for that which has been tested, for the “safe” path.


Just like in construction, if you choose to listen to these naysayers you might get a “nice” project or party, but it won’t be extraordinary.  Even the monumental mistakes and disasters that come from trying something new can be great.  Imagination and vision should be encouraged and exercised, not beaten into submission.

Each year, my company throws an over-the-top, and magnificent holiday extravaganza.  And when I say my company, I mean my boss, and the President, Lisa Wexler.  Her imagination knows no bounds.  The theme is kept under a shroud of secrecy until the big reveal the first Saturday in December.


This year’s theme was Mardi Gras and it was magical.  Cheers Lisa to fighting convention.  It’s amazing what one can do when they say “yes” instead of “no”.

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