The Domino Effect

Ever love something so much that you dream about it?  Imagine a whole world centers around that thing, or person?  If you haven’t, you are truly missing out.  To imagine, and fantasize, is to place yourself in the realm of possibility.  Domino Magazine was that for me.  A beautiful happening amidst a landscape of  interiors luxury impossibility.  Domino was for the regular person.  domino-6Those of us with just a few feet in our corner, not those of  McMansion proportions.  The Magazine that so tastefully showcased homes of diminutive scale, and pointed out exactly where to buy those wares, or at the very least, something that was a close semblance of the same.  Gone where the discouraging words….”to the trade only”.  How undemocratic.  How exclusionary.  How un-Domino.

This magazine changed my life, and when they published their first book – it became my bible.  Where to place the sofa on the rug, how much puddling of the curtain is too much, symmetry or asymmetry, expected or unexpected.  Domino was my guide, and a much loved security blanket.  Providing answers to questions t


Jessica Romm Perez and Me..Jackie Falla at Mitchell Gold, Boston

hat are sometimes tough to ask, and even harder from which to illicit an on point response.


Jessica Romm Perez Co-Editor with Shani Silver of Domino:  Your Guide to a Stylish Home

When I learned in the early spring that the editors of Domino, Jessica Romm Perez and Shani Silver planned on publishing a second Domino book, I swooned.  My days are long, but my years go fast, and somehow this announcement accomplished the seemingly impossible…it slowed down time.  How was I ever to wait all those months for this pale pink concoction of wonderfulness?  Fear not.  I am still in contention for completing my quest for 10 nests, but it is no trite statement to say – I nearly died from wanting it to arrive.


The book, which I had the distinct pleasure of purchasing directly from the author, Jessica herself, delivers all the first did and more.  It is a graphic delight, it is peppered with pertinent insights into, first recognizing who you are, and then making a home for yourself that reflects just that.  The nod to varied styles, the spot-light on individuals of distinction, the practical tips that any aspiring designer, or individual intent on creating a space that is a reflection of who they are – make this second book a collectors item.

Domino 4.JPG

Meghan Mcneer, Photo Editor – Domino and Gift wrapper extraordinair!

I found my few brief words with Jessica to be memorable and inspiring.  She is graceful, warm, and open.  When she talks design, and Domino, she has a sparkle in her eye.  She gives credit to all those that she has interviewed, worked for, and been connected to over the years.  From Martha Stewart, to Elle Decor, and countless others, she has acquired knowledge and insight that she shares with abandon in this book.  If it is not already on your Christmas List, retract, edit, resend, or rush directly to the store for one of the very best things in life – a “to me from me with love….just what I always wanted gift.”  Happy Decorating.

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