Mad Dash on Moving Day

Never enough time in a day, and often too much time to make decisions that would better be made in a few minutes.  I say this having no evidence whatsoever that my agonizing and indecision, my procrastination, and hemming, have resulted in any better a decision making process than those made on a spur of the moment.  Those spontaneous decisions don’t carry the weight of uncertainty, or result in costly scheduling delays.  How could they.  You simply make them.  What a novel concept.

Well it looks like I am at that point, like it or not where I will be making many a decision which are the result of months of delays, and which I could pretend to myself were made in an organic and spontaneous fashion.  If for no other reason than to make myself feel better.  This late Sunday, the decisions are exhausting.


decisions . decisions.

I will leave the comfort of my sister’s home, and head to my new home.  I will paint the freshly painted walls with a host of new sample colors and when I awake in the wee hours of the morning, I will make a bleary eyed decision on the new living room wall color.  I simply cannot live with Alpine White, which screams yellow to me.  To name it white seems like false advertising.  Come on Ben Moore.  I thought you were on my side.

Left:  Benjamin Moore’s Calm – Right:  Benjamin Moore Vintage Taupe

I’ll shuffle down the hallway to see if I can locate a box marked bedroom, and dress my beloved bed.  We’ve only been separated a short while this time, but I miss it nonetheless. If I can’t locate it, or muster the energy to dig it out, or climb to the top of the stack and bring it down, I’ll just crawl on top of that unmade bed and close my eyes.


Benjamin Moore . Cloudy Gray

Tomorrow is another day.

Hope you close out January strong.

It’s in the stars

I love stars.  A starry night, those charismatic figures on the big screen, America’s stars and stripes, the iconic symbol adorned on my clothing or woven into its design.  They’re so optimistic.  You can imagine why I was drawn to my horoscope, as I flipped through the pages of a fashion magazine, comfortably ensconced on my sister’s sofa, where I will be for the next few weeks….awaiting a point in time it’s permissible for me to inhabit home number 4.  My capacity for disruption is great, but I have yet to master walking on air, and my floors won’t permit footsteps until they are properly stained and fully cured.  Note to self, levitation 2018.  It really would come in handy.


The Golden Age of Hollywood…Golden Goose VSTAR2

Back to the horoscope.  You absolutely wouldn’t believe what the Astrotwins, Tali and Ophilia Edut predicted for me – a Scorpio, in the month of February.  Here it is in its unabridged delightfulness:


The Astro Twins!  Tali and Ophelia.

(October 23 – November 21)  In February, you’ll finally find your little patch of peace as the Sun nests in your cozy fourth house until the 18th.  Feather Chateau Scorpio into a sacred oasis – and dinner -party central.  Vibrant Venus and motivator Mars hold court in your wellness zone from the 3rd on.  This planetary pairing makes you quite industrious, so promote thyself, because a status-boosting lunar eclipse on the 10th pegs you as a force in your industry.  St. Valentine’s arrives slightly late, with the Pisces Sun on the 18th.  But his magic lingers for four weeks – and a swoonworthy solar eclipse on the 26th refreshes your romantic status in exhilarating ways!


Not quite ready for primetime.

Did you hear that?  “my little patch of peace awaits in my cozy fourth house”.  Hello, I crave peace, and I am moving into my fourth house, and the Sun nests – Quest for the Nest, these gals are good.  I can also find no fault in being industrious, clearly I wouldn’t be moving and renovating, and decorating, and buying and selling, and running as fast as I can just to stay afloat if I did.  If I was not entirely convinced they were writing to me, and me alone, they sealed the deal with “his magic lingers for four weeks – and a swoonworthy solar eclipse refreshes my romantic status”.  What’s not to love about that.  Thanks Tali and Ophilia for giving me the planetary boost I needed, just when the gravity of my construction situation was weighing me down the most.


Closing in on ready.

Off to contend with the floors, and find out just why Micah isn’t happy with them.  Not happy at all.

Opportunity Knocks

And sometimes it says it’s time to knock it all down.  At least that’s what I was hearing when I visited this Charlestown Single Family on Bunker Hill Street today.  Take me down. Put me out of my misery.  Start fresh.


Mother Mary come to me, speaking words of wisdom ….

Lead and asbestos abound.  The telltale green paint, used to protect the hulls of battle ships docked in the navy yard, which often found its way in to the homes of navy yard workers, could be spotted, in what might loosely be described as the kitchen.


Bon Appesbestos…

Misaligned floors, narrow stairs that were a bit reminiscent of the hapless trek up Everest taken by the Into Thin Air crew.  I had to wonder if all those that entered into this deal with visions of victory would suffer a similar fate at its peak.


Re-fresh required.

I know this for sure, I wouldn’t enter into any demolition without an oxygen tank, and a bag full of cash.  Priced at $579K and just 1,050 SF the numbers simply won’t work, and the effort will be great.  That is surely the reason it has been on the market for 75 days.  A developer can’t make the numbers work, and it’s not up for debate – it’s uninhabitable in its current state.

On the upside it has a beautiful pressed tin ceiling in what must have been the kitchen…..


It’s in the details.

I’d offer $300.  hope that I could build a new out of the ground for $350. and sell it for $1M. If only money were no object.  But until I hit the lottery, it will continue to be, and thank goodness for the reason that financial perimeters impose.  It’s fun to look.

Happy Saturday.

Blue Skies: Even when it’s raining


While I arrived to rainy skies in Dallas, Blue Print Store was a sunny day.  It’s a breath of fresh air.  It’s home in the most unlikely place.  bp-sculptureIt’s also apparently full of surprises.  As I took in all the beauty on display I overheard one of the Owners explain to a patron, in her lilting southern voice, that they also had a warehouse.  “A WAREHOUSE” she said.  I burst into the salon in a very unsouthern, and not at all ladylike way upon hearing this news.  “How is it possible.”  I shouted, “all these years have passed since my first visit, and I am just learning about this now?”

You can imagine my dismay as I briefly allowed myself to consider all of the lovely things I may have missed, that may have sadly been waiting to be discovered and carried on a pilgrimage to a distant land..Boston.  I won’t think about it now.  It’s simply too sad for words.


Don’t be distressed when I share this additional bit of news, I need you to prepare yourself and be assured that it will all work out exactly as it’s intended.  Ok – the warehouse wasn’t open, so I will need to save that treasure trove for my next visit.


The store makes me happy – perhaps happier than any gathering of material goods should make one feel, but it does.  It’s vintage and contemporary, antique and Asian.  It’s unknown, and established artists.  It’s the perfect mix of pale pastels and bold pops of color.


I’ve grown so fond of it that when people ask about my design style, I’ve decided I am going to say simple…”blue print”.


These photos offer a visual explanation of this style.  So now you know.



Ready or Not…here I come!

The countdown began for me weeks ago.  Sequencing review, trade line-up, final push before Friday’s move.  Whether or not we will be substantially complete is really a matter of opinion.  My threshold for disruption is quite high, and I am practiced in the art of living in varying states of the undone.  So to me, what is move in ready, is likely to be wildly different than it is for you.  Don’t be alarmed by these pictures, I’ll be fine.


I will admit to experiencing a first.  I am going to miss the Ink Block.  It’s been like a favorite vacation.  An escape from reality, a warm greeting, impeccably maintained quarters, all the amenities and conveniences of an all inclusive get away.  I have loved it.  I wonder if they will continue to accept my packages for me?  Allow me to park in the underground garage when we have snow storms, remember my name?  Thank you Ink for allowing me to live in the Pink.


Sawdust here I come.  In five days we will build the closets in my bedroom, refinish the floors, paint the entire apartment, install the kitchen countertops and backsplash, complete the built-in in the living room, all of the hardware will be installed on the new doors, and kitchen cabinets, the casing on the front door will be finished, shades and glass globes installed.  Just a few things.  Nothing to worry about here.


When it’s done I will have a verifiable two bedroom apartment.  Hooray and happy Saturday.


Big Talk: starting the year out…

My year feels big already.  As I look around my apartment at open cupboards and stacked boxes, the reality that I am moving again sinks in.  I’ve moved 8 times since May of 2015.  When I move this month it will be nine.  Remarkably, that is not daunting to me, but other things are.


As I think about this new year it is hard not to look to others.  How do they begin?  I’ve noted that some look to trends in fashion, the market, real estate, color.  Some pick a single goal, and map out many achievable steps along the way, while others pick many in the hopes that one will stick.  Some revisit old lists and friends, while some vow to make new.  Some pick a word that they believe will help define their year.  Others pick one that they decide will no longer define who they are.  Resolve.  It’s a powerful thing.


Karina Silverman and the Big Talk Movement

My good friend Julie Brown introduced me to the Big Talk Movement.  This movement was what I call – unintentional by a young girl named Kalina Silverman who was clearly intent of figuring out how to give her own life meaning.  Big Talk instead of small.  To ask and to answer is to quickly give meaning to, and understand your life and the life of others.  People fascinate, and sometimes dismay me.  Sometime you get just a few moments with someone that will leave an indelible imprint, while I recognize that I’ve known others for years, without really knowing them at all.


Here are 5 of my favorite Big Talk Questions…

What gives you goose bumps?

Where would you like to wake up tomorrow?

What are the first things you notice when meeting someone?

What is your next great adventure?

What is the kindest thing someone has ever done for you?


My color for the year is blush.  It feels young and fresh, and full of possibility.  My word is ascend.  As I step firmly out of three and up to four I get goosebumps thinking about getting closer to my goal of ten.  I would love to wake up tomorrow in my new room, having forgone the remainder of the packing!  I notice if someone looks you in the eyes, and wonder what they see.  My next great adventure is either No. 5, or something I haven’t yet conceived of.  Kindness…in the midst of the hustle and bustle of life, it feels pretty special when someone takes the time to hold a door.  Happy New Year.


Carpet Diem: The Rug Company comes to Boston

Imagine my surprise and delight when I learned last week, as I wondered down Newbury Street – Boston’s petite version of Madison Avenue, that The Rug Company found its way to my little neck of the woods.  I first learned of The Rug Company fsharp-2om Domino Magazine, over 8 years ago.  I can remember sitting in my tiny Charlestown apartment, slowly turning the glossy pages, letting the beauty of it all wash over me, in no rush to arrive at the end, knowing that it would be a long month before my next installment landed on my doorstep.  That magazine made me a believer.  Oh I still dream.  I’ve had my eye on that Moses Ice for all those long years.  Trust me when I tell you, it will be mine some day.



I have visited it in the Soho Showroom in NYC so many times my pour sister Mary Beth simply rolls her eyes and gives in to my demand to see it in person, again.  I’m a very tactile gal.  I must touch it, and all it’s silk and wool loveliness, or I will not feel that deep sense of connection.  Sound strange?  It’s totally normal to me.

The Moses Ice is a pale gray, which as you know dear reader, is my big love.  However, property number 4 is all about creams and washed out watercolors.  No worries, The Rug Company has you covered.  You can pick from a dizzying selection of hues to create your own color way.  Brilliant.  They will even offer you options in ALL wool – understand that an all wool carpet is less expensive than a wool and silk combo – that does not mean it is INexpensive.  At least it is not for me.  Still, the thought of having my very own version of Suzanne Sharp’s design, has me swooning like a lovesick teenager.


Pop on in and introduce yourself to Andrew Neave the Showroom Director and Stacey Marino.  They are incredibly passionate and knowledgeable, and are sure to help you find your own Red Carpet moment for your home.

The Rug Company . 129 Newbury Street . Boston . MA


If I’m Not Mistaken: The power of failure.

Friday I was having a conversation with my boss Lisa Wexler about failure.  She was recounting a story about the founder of Spanx – Sara Blakely and her family dinners.  “What did you fail at today”?  Was the question her Father posed each night at mealtime.  Hum, “what did you fail at”?  It got me thinking about all the scientists we build laboratories for, these amazing folks that are hard at work solving the world’s problems.  Scientists live in failure, they turn their faces up to it like one might tilt one’s head to feel the warmth of the sun on a cold winter’s day.  Each failure a learning moment, inching them toward a success.


My year in review.

“A life making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing”.  George Bernard Shaw

I spent my morning at the site thinking about all the mistakes I have made on this project alone.  From paint colors to sequencing, mathematical miscalculations to the naive faith in a plan well laid.  I no longer have a Master Plan, but to steal the wise words of my good friend Pam Delphenich – I have a Framework Plan.  It’s so much more forgiving.  Life throws curve balls, and really it’s the master, not me.


Trying something new and old all at the same time.

“Even the knowledge of my fallibility cannot keep me from making mistakes.  Only when I fall do I get up again.”  Vincent Van Gogh

My journey is a long one.  I am not yet halfway through my quest.  There are bound to be mistakes along the way.  Public failures, private trials, disasters side by side with minor mishaps.  I will be afraid.  I will doubt.  I will keep moving, I think, with a smile on my face, both literally, and metaphorically.


Year in review too and 2, celebrating 4.

“If you have the guts to keep making mistakes, your wisdom and intelligence leap forward with huge momentum.”  Holly Near

My promise and advise to anyone that strives to make an imprint, is learn from the mistakes of others, and be ready to receive the insights of those that you make.  The possibilities, and potential are dizzying.


Tape is always a good idea, but regrettably the real insights come after the walls go up, and then must come down.  Embrace it.

“I hope that this year to come you make mistakes.  Because if you are making mistakes, you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world.  You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re doing something.”  Neil Gaiman

Stay curious.  I hope 2017 brings you a whole lot of living.  Thank you for all your support.  Whether I am just scraping my knees or getting my heart-broken, in the infamous words of The Beatles….”I get by with a little help from friends.”