Carpet Diem: The Rug Company comes to Boston

Imagine my surprise and delight when I learned last week, as I wondered down Newbury Street – Boston’s petite version of Madison Avenue, that The Rug Company found its way to my little neck of the woods.  I first learned of The Rug Company fsharp-2om Domino Magazine, over 8 years ago.  I can remember sitting in my tiny Charlestown apartment, slowly turning the glossy pages, letting the beauty of it all wash over me, in no rush to arrive at the end, knowing that it would be a long month before my next installment landed on my doorstep.  That magazine made me a believer.  Oh I still dream.  I’ve had my eye on that Moses Ice for all those long years.  Trust me when I tell you, it will be mine some day.



I have visited it in the Soho Showroom in NYC so many times my pour sister Mary Beth simply rolls her eyes and gives in to my demand to see it in person, again.  I’m a very tactile gal.  I must touch it, and all it’s silk and wool loveliness, or I will not feel that deep sense of connection.  Sound strange?  It’s totally normal to me.

The Moses Ice is a pale gray, which as you know dear reader, is my big love.  However, property number 4 is all about creams and washed out watercolors.  No worries, The Rug Company has you covered.  You can pick from a dizzying selection of hues to create your own color way.  Brilliant.  They will even offer you options in ALL wool – understand that an all wool carpet is less expensive than a wool and silk combo – that does not mean it is INexpensive.  At least it is not for me.  Still, the thought of having my very own version of Suzanne Sharp’s design, has me swooning like a lovesick teenager.


Pop on in and introduce yourself to Andrew Neave the Showroom Director and Stacey Marino.  They are incredibly passionate and knowledgeable, and are sure to help you find your own Red Carpet moment for your home.

The Rug Company . 129 Newbury Street . Boston . MA


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