Ready or Not…here I come!

The countdown began for me weeks ago.  Sequencing review, trade line-up, final push before Friday’s move.  Whether or not we will be substantially complete is really a matter of opinion.  My threshold for disruption is quite high, and I am practiced in the art of living in varying states of the undone.  So to me, what is move in ready, is likely to be wildly different than it is for you.  Don’t be alarmed by these pictures, I’ll be fine.


I will admit to experiencing a first.  I am going to miss the Ink Block.  It’s been like a favorite vacation.  An escape from reality, a warm greeting, impeccably maintained quarters, all the amenities and conveniences of an all inclusive get away.  I have loved it.  I wonder if they will continue to accept my packages for me?  Allow me to park in the underground garage when we have snow storms, remember my name?  Thank you Ink for allowing me to live in the Pink.


Sawdust here I come.  In five days we will build the closets in my bedroom, refinish the floors, paint the entire apartment, install the kitchen countertops and backsplash, complete the built-in in the living room, all of the hardware will be installed on the new doors, and kitchen cabinets, the casing on the front door will be finished, shades and glass globes installed.  Just a few things.  Nothing to worry about here.


When it’s done I will have a verifiable two bedroom apartment.  Hooray and happy Saturday.


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