Opportunity Knocks

And sometimes it says it’s time to knock it all down.  At least that’s what I was hearing when I visited this Charlestown Single Family on Bunker Hill Street today.  Take me down. Put me out of my misery.  Start fresh.


Mother Mary come to me, speaking words of wisdom ….

Lead and asbestos abound.  The telltale green paint, used to protect the hulls of battle ships docked in the navy yard, which often found its way in to the homes of navy yard workers, could be spotted, in what might loosely be described as the kitchen.


Bon Appesbestos…

Misaligned floors, narrow stairs that were a bit reminiscent of the hapless trek up Everest taken by the Into Thin Air crew.  I had to wonder if all those that entered into this deal with visions of victory would suffer a similar fate at its peak.


Re-fresh required.

I know this for sure, I wouldn’t enter into any demolition without an oxygen tank, and a bag full of cash.  Priced at $579K and just 1,050 SF the numbers simply won’t work, and the effort will be great.  That is surely the reason it has been on the market for 75 days.  A developer can’t make the numbers work, and it’s not up for debate – it’s uninhabitable in its current state.

On the upside it has a beautiful pressed tin ceiling in what must have been the kitchen…..


It’s in the details.

I’d offer $300.  hope that I could build a new out of the ground for $350. and sell it for $1M. If only money were no object.  But until I hit the lottery, it will continue to be, and thank goodness for the reason that financial perimeters impose.  It’s fun to look.

Happy Saturday.

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