A Numbers Game: No naming the nests

NoMy sister Jo-Jo is famous for naming houses and spaces.  Sometimes the names are aspirational, other times more fitting to their geographic location, and still others…pure fantasy.  When I think back to Shangri-la – the name she gave to the third floor attic space that my Father converted to a bedroom escape at his Blueberry Pond Drive house on the Cape – fantasy comes to mind.  Shangri-la is of course a reference to James Hilton’s novel, Lost Horizon which speaks of this “mystical, harmonious valley….”.
If you’ve ever been party to the modern family mash-up, coming together under one roof in search of open sky, sun, beach, and a cool ocean breeze, you know that serenity is not exactly what is produced inside those walls.  After scaling a mountain of steps, and locking the door to keep out unwanted intruders, the attic did likely take on the mystical, harmonious qualities of a valley in the form of – quiet.  Jo-Jo owned the space because she named it.


No. 2

Then there is the Surf Shack, The Manse – she insists on naming them.  I came up with a host of clever names for the Shack that were rejected out of hand, not because they weren’t perfect in my opinion, but because through the naming, there would be ownership.  I still secretly think of it as The Buttercup Bungalow.  A childhood name that she hated, and I adored “Buttercup” and her desire to have a California Style retreat.  Plus I love alliteration.  There’s a cadence to it that appeals, and my little fingers type out those bouncy words as fast as they pop out of my pouty pursed lips.

94 sale shot 1

No. 3

My PR Agent came for a visit and was gratifyingly appreciative of the way No. 4 has taken shape.  She asked, as many do, is it hard for you to say good-bye to the properties.  I answered as I always have – no – once they are complete, I am ready to move on to the next project.  Design ideas, and materials, and furnishings that have yet to be expressed are bubbling over, and I am antsy with the need to be unleashed.

No. 4

I wonder though if my habit of numbering the properties, rather than naming them, keeps it clinical.  It’s much harder to fall in love with something that you don’t give a special name to.  Even my very first property I only refer to as Charlestown.  As a habitual nick-name giver, I know that they express affection in a way a number never will.  Now that I have so clearly etched my number 10 in marble, what will happen if I don’t make it?  Will I never find love?  Say a little prayer for me this Sunday.  Keep naming…keep believing.

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