Splish Splash it’s Time for an Outdoor Bath


Nature – it will never fail you.

Or shower as the case may be.  For those of you that hail from non-costal parts, you are missing out on one of life’s true pleasures – showering under the deep blue sky, with trees overhead and the birds chirping happily – is heaven.  When I take my ten minute walk back from the beach, I am typically covered in sweat, sunscreen, salt, and sand.  If suddenly you find yourself wrinkling up your nose at this – hear me out.  This is the most perfect and deliciously sublime state one could be in, right before you turn that faucet and the water cascades down upon your head ridding you of all remnants of your afternoons activities and ensuring your bedsheets won’t look like part of the beach has found its way between them.  You must be dirty in order to fully appreciate the clean.

No beach today – the weather can’t seem to make up its mind about what it wants to be.  No worries – we need to reassemble the old outdoor shower in its new location, in the back of the Surf Shack.  Now building an outdoor shower isn’t super challenging – particularly if you have your Father, or someone that know how to build it, do it for you. Which is really what I do best – manual labor.  For those that want to give it a go on their own, there are a number of simple ways in which to approach it.


The assembly team hard at work.

First locate a good spot for it.  What constitutes a good spot?  It needs to be near a water source so the simple piping can be run from the interior to the exterior of the house.  You want it to be out of the way and erected at a height that prohibits accidental sitings from taking place.  A little privacy please.  Al fresco doesn’t mean free for all.

Well loved and still in working condition.

Second you need to determine the level of customization.  You can make it really simple on yourself and use pre-fabricated fencing to assemble the walls, forgoing any seats or shelving on the interior.  The fewer your requirements the quicker you can be in an outdoor shower.  You’ll need 4 x 4 posts to support your walls, which should either be set in concrete or crushed stone which fills and surrounds the 12 – 14″ holes you’ve dug to hold your posts.  Add a couple of hinges and a simple lock and voila – you have your piece of paradise.

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