Bungalow: a bazillion brilliant hints for home


Bungalow . 1291 Main Street . Chatham . MA

I write about this little gem of a home furnishings, staging, and consignment store, located at 1291 Main Street, Chatham, MA – every year.  Why?  It’s like a brand new store each time I visit it.  They keep it fresh, and the pieces moving with their brilliantly complimentary services.  Need to stage your home for sale?  Need to sell it?  Need to de-clutter before you do all that – this is just the place to help you find your way to the next best thing.

Custom Made Chandelier:  Driftwood – Nauset Beach $6500.

These ladies have a great eye.  Not only are they purveyors of beautiful art, but they have a knack for selecting just the right Robshaw pillow, Brahms Mount herringbone throw, baby blue sheep skin rugs – and at only $50. each – at a good price, with one of a kind items like a driftwood chandelier – sourced from Nauset Beach no less.


Oil on Canvas . Artist:  Joyce $4500.

What they do with an old sideboard, painted with rope details around the drawers, and a tag sale chest of drawers, cover the top with an inexpensive sisal rug, and tack brass nail heads to the perimeter, making it hip all over again.

It’s this last bit of cleverness for which I am particularly fond.  That’s what separates an artist from a brilliant copycat.  They see things differently, and its so surprisingly simple, I often wonder why I didn’t think of it first.


Finally, they have a real talent for staging.  The space is segregated into tiny home vigneetes, placing uncommon objects that somehow set the scene perfectly.  This is the perfect place to get inspiration for your next design refresh.  You can even adhere to my one in, one out policy by consigning with them!


Happy Shopping.

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