Home Sense : The hype and a whole lot more.

HS 1

Oly Studio Etagere knock off.  Stunning.

Home Sense opened the doors on its first US store on Thursday, 17 August 2017, and I was there to evaluation, and prepare to be excited about all they have to offer.  Owned by Winners, which in turn is owned by TJXX, which also owns Home Goods, one of my long time favorite places for scoring trendy, inexpensive side tables, pillows, lighting, and accessories – Home Sense offers a whole lot more.

HS 3

Ro Sham Beaux Chandelier Knock Off.

Home Goods sources from all over the world, and stays on point with the hippest designs, offering knock offs in record breaking time, and at a fraction of the original makers prices, for many its an addition that brings out hoarding tendencies even in the likes of people similar to myself…I abhor clutter and find great pleasure in throwing things out, giving things away, or leaving things on the street and making someone else’s day.  Home Goods is hard to resist.

Left:  John Robshaw pillow:  ABC Carpet NYC $250.  Home Sense $49.00.  Right:  Robshaw table runners and napkins.

So what’s the difference between Home Goods and Home Sense?  The shear volume of product they have is certainly part of it, but it’s more than that.  They offer so much more furniture than a traditional HG Store, and their lighting offering is a 4th of July display.  Not only do they carry even more table lamps in an array of beautiful designs, they have a stunning collection of chandeliers.  I spotted two or three Ro Sham Beaux knock offs that were gorgeous.  If you are a follower of the Ro Sham, you know they define coastal chic, and they are tres cher.  These glittery goddesses were by comparison a stunningly low coast at about $499.  Yes please, and thank you very much.

Left:  Floor Pillows in the Moroccan Style.  Right:  Storage baskets abounded.

It felt like every parent with a kid headed to college made there way to Framingham for the big day.  Home Sense has an impressive offering in terms of Decor, bedding, furniture, cook ware, and basically everything you would need to set up a home from scratch from gardening tools and accessories, to laundry room essentials, refrigerators, even industrial mixers.  It remains to be seen if these items can be depended upon on a regular basis as the stores inventory will change regularly.  In fact, they couldn’t even keep the lighting hung and in stock while I was there.  They were unboxing and hanging as fast as shoppers were snatching them down and running, carts a blazing to the check-out counter as if they thought a clerk or manager would finally come to their senses and mark their finds with “the real price”.  Rest assured, there are bargains to be had.

HS 2

8 x 10 Turkish Carpet in the Oushak Style – $999.

I had highlights and disappointments.  I loved the etagere Oly Studio knock off they had in the store – it was beautiful and if I had a place for it, I would have purchased it, sadly this little home can’t accommodate it.  My disappointment came inI the carpet department.  They had literally hundreds of rugs on display, but only one that was a Turkish Oushak – my favorite.  It was beautiful, but I had the same problem – too big for my current space.

On trend lighting, accessories and mirrors galore.

I hate to say it but I think Framingham has been added to my GPS’s top 5 frequent destination list.  You can check it out for yourself at – One Worcester Road, Framingham, MA.

HS 7

A Smeg – who knew.  No price could be located on this.  West Elm sells it for $3000.

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