50 Shades of Gray: Admit it…it’s exciting.

Manse 1

The Manse . Nantucket Red Door

Gray has come into its own.  I’ve long been a lover – and not a closet one at that – of gray.  It strikes me as being Parisian and sophisticated.  Since I want to be both of these things it’s only natural that I gravitate toward it.  Jo-Jo gets upset with me when I remind her that she called me a “One Trick Pony”.  My pony has way more tricks than one, but it’s favorite trick has depth and complexity, it’s pale and peaceful, daring and dark, shy and innocent, dirty and needy.  Gray will take you places and influence your mood.  I will not apologize for using it, in all it’s iterations.  Every magician has a show-stopper.  Gray is mine.


Tuxedo Kitchen Cabinets await.

And now it will be The Manses too.  The exterior clap board siding is a soft dove gray, the doors a perfect Nantucket Red.  The interior will follow suit.  While it’s a bit risky to go with a trend in a home that our family will continue to enjoy for generations beyond my own, I am going to do a Tuxedo Cabinet.  The bottom will be painted in Metallic Silver, the top in Chantilly Lace.  This is one of the two white that Decorator’s use consistently in their design, and which I have used for my trim, base, casings, and wood work over the years.  To me, it’s the purest white.  a cool, crisp, Mary Poppins style proper white.  All the wood work will be done in Chantilly – it will give the space the “pretty face”  it deserves.


Fifty Shades with a bit of modesty thrown in.

The walls will be painted in Mineral Ice – this is another color which I have used again and again, and recommended to others over the years.  Be warned, while it reads gray in The Manse, it sometimes reads pale blue.  It depends on it’s mood.  I tested it in several rooms, because in this instance I want it to be a true gray – a pale, and lovely Dior Gray.  It is.  In fact, all the main living, dining, and common spaces will be painted in this pale shade, as will the bedroom on the first floor.

min ice

Benjamin Moore . Mineral Ice

The Bath on the main floor will be Ben Moore’s Chalk White – wall that is.   The base and door will be in Chantilly Lace, as I previously stated, and the ceiling will be in Nickel – yet another shade of gray.  I am all about the minimalist look, but I need moments of surprise in every room.  The ceiling, and Ship Lap-esque wall (read tomorrow’s post for what will really be used here), will have passers by giving it a double take.  If you’ve been following along, you know what it’s always Ben.  He was my boyfriend before P.R. came along, and while Ben was perfect for color at the right price, P.R. returns my adoration.  I hope we can all live in perfect harmony.


Ben Moore . Nickel

Dive into your adventurous side…50 shades is where it’s at.

Metalic Silver

Benjamin Moore . Metallic Silver



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