Sticking It: Stinkwood instead of Ship Lap

If you’re like half of America, you’re a fan of Fixer Upper.  Chip and Joanna Gaines are a whole lot of fun to watch, and while their style doesn’t exactly align with mine, they have an undeniable chemistry, seem to love what they do, and it’s contagious.


Stikwood Samples.

They are fans of Ship Lap, which I would argue has made a major comeback because of them.  I wanted the bath in The Manse to be paneled in it, but didn’t announce my intention until the shower was already tiled.  Oy vey.  That means the transition between materials was going to be a problem – different thicknesses requires an artful solution.  A bevel perhaps, but the reality of that requires additional labor.  Additional labor means a change order.  Jo-Jo said NO MORE CO’s!  I don’t blame her.


Stikwood in weathered gray.

The solution- This ingenious product called:  Stikwood.  It’s peel and stick, reclaimed, sustainable wood.  That’s right – peel and stick.  European Oil Finishes and VOC Free Paints make it environmentally friendly too.


As easy as peel and stick!

Just 3/16″ thick, it’s perfect for my wall and will require no transition detail – better yet I can do it myself.  The on-line tutorials are great, and they tell you everything from how to measure to get the right quantity – it comes in 1 – 4′ lengths and is 5″ wide, and how to peel and ensure it sticks.  At just $14. SF – I might just be finding other places in the house to put it.


This really is a DIY Product.

Happy Sunday.

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