Pinning Down Your Style


There are many reasons for Pinterest’s success – our love of beautiful imagery, our desire to capture, save, and move on, its powerful ability to communicate to others what we are hoping to achieve, whether the interior designer you just hired to decorate your living room, or you best friend who has offered to help with your new apartment, and a strict budget – Pinterest offers a visual wish list – all in one place.

Tiny and tucked away to the right.  So ingenious.




What I adore…small spaces, great storage, unquestionably great view.

I don’t use it as much as I should, but I went in search of a concept for build-in bunk beds. This is a huge trend now, and as we prepare to say good-bye to Eastward – who has done an amazing job – we need to think about what additional retrofits we’ll do.  One thing I’ve learned about the Cape House is that you need to be able to pack people in during the holidays – both summer and winter.  The Manse – is relatively modest in size, so I thought it might be best to have one of the upstairs bedrooms be more of a bunk room, or because of the ceiling heights, a dormitory set up.  Elegant of course, but maximizing the sleeping quarters.

pin 3

Parisian AND Gray …. need I say more?

Toward that end I started to hunt for ideas in my No. 4 Pinterest Board.  Four was for my current project, but it acts as a dropbox for the year’s activities.  What I noted as I looked through the images was an emerging series of patterns.  Pinks, golds, flooring treatments – I have a propensity to gravitate toward herring bone or painted floors, painted ceilings, or accent paints of any kind.  I like it, both for its unexpectedness, and for the relatively inexpensive nature of its impact.  Every room needs a wow.  My Dad asked me why I would paint a walk-in closet in a dark color.  “The room is so small – you’ll only make it feel even smaller.”  This argument falls on deaf ears. A – small spaces are made to feel cozy when painted in a darker hue.  B – it’s a closet, no one is going to spend hours entertaining themselves in a closet.  You go in, pick out your clothes, and move along to start your day.  With the rest of the entire bedroom painted in white – it deserves to have a moment.  We all deserve to have a moment. But I digress.

pin 5

Pink, Herringbone, and a bold painted door – J’amie bien!

What I discovered is that I have a distinct style.  It’s revealed in all the similar color palettes I post, the clean nature of the furnishings and decor.  That is one of the distinct benefits of starting and maintaining a Pinterest board, you begin to see your personal style emerge, and can feel confident that when you go to make a big purchase or small, that if it is in alignment with that style, you are going to love it.

Pin 7

Pink, Gold, and swivel chairs – the best!

Happy Pinning.

pin 9

Stripes and in graphic and black and white.  Gorgeous.

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