A Question of Style: you are what you decide to be

I’ve been talking about myself in the negative.  Not negatively mind you.  Just stating what I am not, rather than what I am.  I am not an Interior Designer by trade.  I am not an Architect.  Not a builder.  For the record, I am also not a Paleontologist – in case you were wondering, or a magician, or a Sommelier or any of the dozens of terribly interesting professions that exist-I am not them.  What I am is a writer, and I’ve been thinking how very unimaginative it is of me,  to not just create a title for myself that encapsulates all that I AM.

Left: Sister Parish:  Bolero in Indigo (headboard and roman’s)  Right:  Tillette . T4 Textiles:Burma in Indigo ( window seat cushion)

I am a stylist of sorts.  I am always on the lookout for unusual trinkets, art, and oddities at flea markets, vintage and antique stores, in friends garages, and at garage sales.  Why not, you never know exactly what you will come across that will tell an interesting story.  I’m a story teller.  My friends, I think, would prefer it if my stories were a little a tad shorter.  They appreciate when I use vignettes to tell the tale.   I a picture is worth a thousand words, a vignette tells at least 999.  My ability to pull disparate things together, even before I am able to articulate why they  belong, is a strength.  This artistic eye has served me well.

Top Left and Bottom:  Sister Parish Right:  Tillette T4 . Scattered Dot

I’m a Producer of sorts too, and this perhaps is one of my very strongest skills.  Like a movie producer I am responsible for raising the funds for my construction projects, shaping the vision for the renovation and design, selecting the cast of characters that will allow me to execute the work, procuring all the materials, setting the stage, arranging and directing the photoshoot, providing context and interest to the story, and finally using my contacts to get it published.

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 7.10.45 PM.png

Sister Parish

I live through all of this, which requires me to be incredibly organized, resilient, and tolerant.  As I write this I can picture myself covered in sawdust, digging through boxes to find my winter coat.  An organized girls worst nightmare.  Why do I do it?  The vision  and my competitive nature, supersedes all other talents, and proclivities.  I am tenaciously sticking to my goal, and when I reach ten, and I’ll do it with this title next to my name….Maestro of Curation.

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