What’s in a name?



Seaside locals seem at home – with homes that have names.  I call my condos by their numbers, which makes a lot of sense, since it would be dangerous to become too attached.  Naming things turns them from inanimate to something a whole lot closer to real.


Home to the Rogers Family.

I love the tiny cottages, their pint size nature having tremendous capacity to hold memories, just as any grand mansion could.  There is something that seems so manageable, and cozy about a little summer home near the beach.


My favorite!

My recent visit to Seaside Florida had the prettiest array of pastel cottage that lined the shore, and the tightly packed neighborhoods on the other side of the street.  If their colors and the community in which they are situated didn’t make you fall for the place, then the names surely would.  My number one favorite was:  Whipped Cream, number two: Fresh Cream and number three:  Precious….it was too, in its pale pink.  J’adore.

Home 5

How great is this name?

It got me thinking about what I might name my little oceanside retreat someday.  These are the names I came up with.  Do weigh in.  I am anxious to hear which you would choose.


Nothing says vacation like….

Summer Sault

Knot 4 Sail

Sound Idea

Sea Clearly

Sea Sault

Lost + Sound

Small Craft Warning


Sweet + Salty

Room with a Vue

Lime Ricky

Tangled up in Vue

Hide + Sea.k

The Dory

The Dingy

Honey Suckle


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