The French Way or the Highway: No. 5/2

apt paris 1

Note:  puddling curtains, herringbone floors, chair rail, slip covered sofa, simply white.

The French love their all white apartments with their perfectly stunning herringbone laid wooden floors, and I love the French.  This has led me to toss around the idea of going stark, and letting the art and the furnishings do the talking.  That would mean no wallcoverings, and no accent colors.  I could play with different tones of white, of which there are a boundless number.  Don’t test me, I’ll blanco bore you to death with the shear volume of offerings.

apt paris 3

Note:  Herringbone Floor, Paneled walls, and architectural details, and …..white.

It is interesting to consider texture on the walls – even in white that can be a pretty intriguing statement, it doesn’t feel super French to me though.  Grand architectural moldings, and paneled walls, chair rails, or simple applied moldings feel more authentically Parisian apartment – which is the look I would go for, if I go for concept 2.

apt. 4 paris

Note:  encore, encore, encore – this repetition never gets boring for me.

I might have a slipcover made for my Verellen sofa.  I had it upholstered for No. 4 in a beautiful cream silk and linen Turkish fabric.  This look would demand something a little looser.  Breezy.  That’s the French way you know – looking effortless….minimal.  Oh sure, you can find a Louis the XV commode or Etagere, dripping in gold acanthus leaves, but that’s likely because the recipient got it from their grandmother and with the price of apartments in Paris, can’t afford to replace it with something more modern.

apt 7 paris

Where in the heck am I going to find that molding in Boston?

My art work would remain the same, but I suspect, somehow look entirely different.  It’s amazing what throwing a piece of art on a wall covered surface will do to the colors – dramatically different. The same of course goes for a different pigment.  When buying a serious piece of art (read expensive) always make sure that the seller will allow you to hang it in your home first before you finalize the purchase.  Who wants something that looked divine in the store and looks more like a consolation prize that’s handed out to the loser on The Price is Right.  NOT ME.  Now if you are buy a Monet or a Rembrandt, then you aren’t going to have the luxury of trying it out first.  I don’t feel bad for you.  Just redesign the whole room around the piece of art, and not the other way around.  You can afford it.

apt 1 london

Note:  Floors, molding, white, amazing, but in full disclosure this apartment is in London – clearly we know where they got their aesthetic!

Be ready to vote shortly.  I have at least two more concepts coming….Happy Saturday.

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