Sailing into Fall on Cape Cod

September is really one of the most beautiful months on the Cape.  The streets clear a little, the days are warm and while you might not necessarily be rearing to jump on into the water, you could.  A walk home from the beach is dotted by pumpkin sitings and baskets of mums.  Nights turn cool, and sitting around the fire pit to the sound of crickets, and the glow of happy faces is truly special.


Fall begs for pumpkins and mums.

When you have a summer home (I don’t by the way but pretend I do) the likelihood is that you’ve designed it to reflect the location.  I would.  Homes near, or on the water, lend themselves to nautical touches, light and airy interiors, hard wood floors that will clean easily when the sand makes it way in from the beach, and the prep cookery gets a little out of control.  Ease is the name of the game.


A wreath for every season signals the change.

I imagine one must make the most of a seasonal home by using it in more season than one.  I like my home to reflect these changes in the weather.  Decor is a wonderful way to do that, and I don’t mean changing out a summer sofa for a cozy winter one – now who would do that.  Accents are the answer.  Pillows, throws, potted plants, a might even go so far as to add another throw rug atop a sisal that will bring the warm and fuzzy to a cold morning.  A wreath, a table runner, a Christmas tree stunner.  These touches can turn your coastal home, lake house, or mountain cabin into a perfectly appointed abode for winter, spring, summer or fall.

Sault 5

Etsy wreaths are so creative.


Now go forth, with a nothing entirely valid reason to shop.


add a little wrapped wheat and attach it above or below – holly for winter.

Happy Sunday!

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