Splish Splash . Back to the Bath

Scalamandre . Malin

Not the NYC bath, though it’s coming along beautifully. You’ll get to see the final completed project next week. Yes, it’s that fast.

Scalamandre . Mary Blues Antique French Verdure

This bath has has no bath at all, and lordy lord, I hope it won’t have any splishing and splashing. This unit has seen enough water damage. When I am done nipping it in the bud, it can feel free to die on the vine. I have nothing against vines of course, or flowers, I like them both. In fact I like them so much I have been day dreaming about them.

Cole & Sons . Singita

It had been such a long time since I went to yoga last. If you are wondering what yoga has to do with the bath, I’ll tell you. There I was in side angle, in that beautiful semi-conscious state that sometimes just opens itself to you, and all of a sudden I was on a porch, in the spring, and there naturally, was the wallpaper. What wallpaper you ask? Well I can’t be exactly sure, but it gave me the feeling of total relaxation – of serenity. That’s the feeling I am after in this dirtiest of dirty projects. I want nature and serenity, or maybe a little bit of the jungle, and a wallpaper jungle is so great. You never have to water it, and the birds and the monkeys are so quiet you can’t hear a thing. Perfect.

Schumacher . Exuberant Balloon

I’ve selected a few options that are an ode to the semi-conscious vision I had this morning. Do let me know your thoughts.

Cole & Sons . Florence Court

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