Southern Challenge: Powder Room

Sometimes you need to know where to make a statement and what is perfectly good left alone. I love a powder room for a wow factor. There are several reasons the powder room is the perfect place to be bold. First of all, it’s a singular experience. No one else’s opinion is likely to influence your own in this room, and you aren’t likely to stay long enough – even if you live there for years – to tire of said statement.

Trends come and go, but every home needs a room that shows its guests that you aren’t afraid to make a decision. This tiny little room is just begging to be shown off.

Divine Savage . Deco Martini . by the Restoration

Now I have made it clear that Southerner’s really appreciate wallcovering. I mean, REALLY. In fact, if you had looked really closely, which of course you could not, to the family room photos, you would have seen that it was in fact wallpaper, hidden behind that green paint. No matter, for the most part, we want to utilize this trend to maximum effect, and sparingly.

Look at that amazing wallcovering. It’s just begging to be accented by these beautiful gold beehive knobs. So easy just to switch those out on the cabinet. They’ll coordinate with the ceiling mounted starburst light fixture.

As the main lavatory to be used by guests, it presents the prefect opportunity to impress. As the owners will host many functions here in their new home, I thought this wallcovering that I spied on one of my travels would be fitting.

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