Spring Has Sprung

Except here in New England where spring is more likely to still be caught in a long winter’s nap, and be skipped over entirely for summer. My fever for the season has not diminished an ounce despite my regions unwillingness to embrace renewal.

Ah renewal, an opportunity to dust off the doldrums and bunnies that have surely collected in the darker corners of your house and give it a proper cleaning. Root around in the shed or the storage closet to see what potting soil remains to plant a happy row of tulips or daffodils, a perfect urn placed at your front door, punctuated by pussy willows, and a trail of ivy. Polish up your bike, grease up the chain and launch off for a ride to the beach or farmer’s market and fill your basket with honey.

I like to give my decore a refresh while I am at it and Spring always makes me long for a coastal cottage to call my own. Perhaps that dream will have to remain a little further down my dirt path than I would like as I am currently without a primary home, and while I am not homeless, my restlessness for a renovation project feels like it’s reaching a feverish pitch, which no amount of house hunting has yet sated. Touch market. I got a punch in the gut when I saw that the only property I placed an offer on since the start of the year went for $100K over ask. It’s a one bedroom. Instead of a fresh start, I feel like I’m back to square one.

Fortunately I possess a vivid imagination and am happily putting it to use designing a home of my imaginings that would make the Equinox come-a-knocking for cocktails.

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