About a Room

It’s not unusual for me to fall in love with a room decked out in molding. I swoon over a tall ceiling, and my eyes turn into tea sized saucers at the sight of a pink painted parlor. Oh the pizzazz, the pluck, the perennial pastel sweetness of it. Adore. And who doesn’t like a tassel? You must appreciate it, because it’s some kind of hassle to tack them along the top of a curtain, and stitch them to a pillow. Note to the less sociable or socially anxious in the crowd, there is nothing like the touch of a silken fringe against your fingertips to calm the nervous system.

This room is a kiwi and watermelon fruit salad with a scoop of strawberry sherbet and a sprig of mint pinched clean from its stalk in the garden. Sorry bunny. It’s traditional, contemporary and eclectic. It’s cheerful, and hopeful and we could all use a little more hope these days.

With all this special room has to offer her ceiling still steals the show. Its botanical paper a romp through an estate garden, the chandelier a crystal flute of champagne that elicits an inarticulate utterance of joy. Tell me you love it too. Which part of @coreydamanjenkis Kips Bay 2019 Showcase room has you singing a tune? Do share.

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