Ode to More than a Piece of Luggage

This weekend I visited NYC to take in Hamilton, listen to some Jazz at the Blue Note, eat some good food, and generally enjoy Manhattan in the not so springy springtime.  My suitcase did not join me for the trip.  Somewhere between the vestibule and the trunk it went its own way – ending our association.

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 7.14.15 PM

Kate Spade for Streamline Luggage

I said it was fine, that its just a material thing, not my good health, or the loss of someone you love, or something truly tragic like living in the middle of the country and not being able to smell the salt in the air, and take a dip in the ocean, where truly all your ailments seem to vanish away.  Nothing that catastrophic, and still it’s left me a little melancholy.

Dallas . TX Top at Blue Print Store.  Bottom Left:  Cape Cod, Middle:  Farmhouse Pottery, Woodstock. VT, Right:  Hermes Pop-up . Nashville . TN

My Kate Spade for Steamline Carry-on had been a lot of places with me.  I bought it just after I sold my first home – that was three homes ago, and at least a half dozen rentals.  It had been to Paris three times, to the South of France, to Venice, Croatia, Bosnia, Switzerland, and Costa Rica.  It had been to Florida, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, New York, DC, Illinois, Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont and probably a few states in between.


The Club Car. Nantucket . MA

It was my constant Cape Cod companion, and adored Nantucket though it pretended to have no favorite.

Dior 16

J’adore . Dior . Paris . France – Les Arts Decoratifs

Perhaps it grew tired of never be fully unpacked – not being allowed to breath.  Maybe it had some bad jeu-jeu like this rash that won’t seem to leave me alone.  Maybe I should consider it a ritualistic cleansing?  Do you suppose the same could be true of my adorable little Chanel booties – the ones that could carry me at a fast pace trot through the city with nary a complaint from me or the boot.  And what of my leather pants, and my beloved faux fir Gucci knock off slippers from Target?  What about them?

Brac 9


That’s enough now – it’s enough.

21 Venice 8

Water Taxi to Splendid Hotel . Venice . Italy – my Steamline was right beside me.

I had a beautiful weekend – even if I did have to wear the same clothes the whole time.  Sometimes you’ve just got to call a Spade a Spade – I’ll carry on….wink, wink.  See, I still have my sense of humor.  I never pack it, it should always be readily available.

Happy Sunday.

Blue Skies: Even when it’s raining


While I arrived to rainy skies in Dallas, Blue Print Store was a sunny day.  It’s a breath of fresh air.  It’s home in the most unlikely place.  bp-sculptureIt’s also apparently full of surprises.  As I took in all the beauty on display I overheard one of the Owners explain to a patron, in her lilting southern voice, that they also had a warehouse.  “A WAREHOUSE” she said.  I burst into the salon in a very unsouthern, and not at all ladylike way upon hearing this news.  “How is it possible.”  I shouted, “all these years have passed since my first visit, and I am just learning about this now?”

You can imagine my dismay as I briefly allowed myself to consider all of the lovely things I may have missed, that may have sadly been waiting to be discovered and carried on a pilgrimage to a distant land..Boston.  I won’t think about it now.  It’s simply too sad for words.


Don’t be distressed when I share this additional bit of news, I need you to prepare yourself and be assured that it will all work out exactly as it’s intended.  Ok – the warehouse wasn’t open, so I will need to save that treasure trove for my next visit.


The store makes me happy – perhaps happier than any gathering of material goods should make one feel, but it does.  It’s vintage and contemporary, antique and Asian.  It’s unknown, and established artists.  It’s the perfect mix of pale pastels and bold pops of color.


I’ve grown so fond of it that when people ask about my design style, I’ve decided I am going to say simple…”blue print”.


These photos offer a visual explanation of this style.  So now you know.