Moving Day

Yesterday I moved.  I did it without fanfare, anxiety, or anticipation.  I just did it.  I made the call to Humboldt Moving and Storage who have steadfastly supported me throughout this quest.  I packed my boxes in-between the dozens of events I’ve had over the last few weeks.  Tossed the clothes, donated the books, re-gifted, re-cycled, re-peated all the things required of someone moving, for the 8th time in 10 years.  It no longer feels special.  It feels mechanical.  Even the hunt, which has always been one of my most favorite activities – seems less exciting.

Hanson 3

It’s a wrap.

Is it the fact that there are so few properties on the market?  Is it the fact that the stocks are being batted around like a ping pong ball being hit by a pale blue Tiffany Paddle (it’s true – they have these – I just saw it advertised for the person who has everything – good golly!  If I was gifted such a thing I’d feel compelled to encase it in a lucite frame and design a room around it.  Suffice it to say, that I am not in danger of having this happen, and you are not in danger of having to witness it.)

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 7.15.48 PM

See…there they are in all their Tiffany Blue glory.

So what is dampening my enthusiasm?  Number 5 should feel like a milestone – half way to my quest.  Is it that I am not half way to my financial goal of $1M.  I say this and fail to scowl as I envision Mike Meyers with his pinkie finger poised at the corner of his mouth….one million dollars – as if that were a lot of money.  But it is a lot of money to me, and I imagine to many of you, and that does make me smile.  Am I making more money for the people associated with the process than I am making for myself?  Is the only way to do this, to do it on the cheap.  I rail against that realism, and steadfastly refuse.  I am interested in design.  I want to create beautiful spaces.  I believe that the beauty of them is not skin deep, that proper wiring, sound structure, solid doors, and working plumbing are all beautiful – even though, like a problem child, they are only given any attention when they are acting up.  I know, and work hard to leave what lies below, better than when I found it.  This costs money.  I wouldn’t want to do it any other way.

hanson 1

Adios pretty pastel kitchen.

This is an important time.  I have four months to find a place or I’ll be forced to rent.  Four months of living out of a suitcase, and by the kindness of friends.  Four months to figure out if a need to move into another that I own, invest in a rental with friends, find a suburban property that I can flip for the cameras.  It’s a lot to consider, and I have never before had to consider so many options without a clear answer.

hanson 2


Advise welcome.  Happy Sunday.

It’s a Wrap

Thursday night I closed the door on flip 3 for the last time.  Cleaned, inspected, documented, approved, there wasn’t really anything left to do before the official close the following day.  No time for nostalgia. The Realtors and the new Owner wanted me gone, so I finished my celebratory glass of wine in its plastic cup, picked up my bag and left – just 8 months and 20 days after I bought it.

This was the fastest of the three flips, and the one for which I will net the least profit, but the timing was right for the sale. I felt it in my gut.  I priced it high and nearly fainted when I learned that I was offered $76,000. over ask.  Sometimes the universe looks out for you.  I’ll suffer the consequences of the quick turnaround in the form of capital gains.  Why they call it that I’ll never know.  It’s a capital loss to me, and I am the one that will feel it most distinctly.

94 Sale shot living

Still, to recap, I bought a chandelier in Paris, had it shipped, rewired, 94 Sale shot slimretrofitted the ceiling to support the crazy weight of the thing, and lit the place up like a Hollywood set.  I then painted it, and staged it.  That’s the long and the short of the effort.  So why did it go for so much more than I bought it for just last winter?  I have my theories; location, limited supply, location, unmatched architectural detail, and did I say location?
I’d like to think that the design and color palette had something to do with it too, but one can never really know.  This I do know, people hate losing, and if you’ve been outbid a time or two before, you become particularly disdainful of those that are winning.  Good and ready to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

94 Sale Shot kitchen

The new Owner and I both get to be winners in this game.  I am so happy that he got this lovely condo on a tree lined and much sought after street, and that I will now have the opportunity to start the search for No. 4.

94 Waltham sale shot deck

A huge thanks, once again, to my lawyer Sarah Ricciardelli of Ricciardelli and Small, LLP who ALWAYS has my back, and is super smart and savvy.  To my Realtor Alan Duggan of Compass who lets me do things my way, lent me that great mirror for “the show”, and with whom I am happy to report recorded his first sale at his new hotshot company!  To my movers – Humboldt Moving and Storage who allow me to “Relax and Get Moving”.  I barely give that part of the effort a thought these days.  Finally to my family and friends – particularly to Tiffany who, along with her boyfriend, helped me wrestle that damn chandelier down, and are always part of the sweep up crew – and to Joanne who wanted me to make sure you knew she brought boxes and tape….oh, and bubble wrap too!  I couldn’t do it without you all.  I send my deep gratitude.  xo

94 Waltham Sale Shot bath

Time to Kick the Sticks

On this old tent.  Though the metaphor isn’t exactly me, (it’s still cute) as I’m not much of a camper.  I’m more Glamp than Camp, though one wouldn’t know it with this lifestyle I keep.  It’s a lot of inconvenience, a good deal of sweating, a little nail biting, a few sleepless nights, with a little glamour sprinkled in between.  Clearly I can go a long way on a perfect moment.  When something that should by all rights, not come together, when all the obstacles have been crossed, when the plan a, b, and c have been put in place, shifted around, compromised, and still inexplicably it turns out.  Well, it’s sublime.  I live for it.

closing waltham 1

But breaking camp is never that much fun.  I am always surprised by what I have managed to collect, this time in just 7 months, and how well I do, hiding it all away.  It’s not so pretty when it’s spread all out over the living room.  Nonetheless, I have a system in place which is incredibly efficient, and doesn’t involve Jo-Jo, my little sister clearing the shelves off into boxes and shrieking, “there’s no time to organize it – we just have to get it packed.”  Oh Tink, there is time, and I managed to get it done in a day.  Of course I will call on my favorite movers – Humboldt Storage and Moving Closing 2#howcanwereduceyourstresstoday.  It’s love.  I beg them with each move, I am part of their frequent flier club so we are well acquainted, to please open other divisions to manage the other aspects of my life, for which I am in desperate need of assistance.  Alas, they seem committed to sticking to this one area, that they are super good at.  I’d like to hold a grudge, but they are just too…too.  If you know what I mean.

So it’s true, I got a little restless.  I watched the market, and my gut told me to join in the fun.  This week alone in the South End 43 properties where reported on as having closed in the Spring Market.  10 of which went for over $1000. a foot, 4 over $1100., 3 over $1200.  That’s practically the definition of insanity, and I love a little insane when I’m on the selling side of the table.  I absolutely abhor it when I am trying to buy.

closing 3

If the truth be told, neither side of the tent flap is all that easy, and yet here I find myself again.  Until Friday, I’ll be on the inside looking out.  On Saturday, I’ll be the one looking – wide-eyed and all.  Wish me luck.

closing 4

A huge thanks need to go out to my Real Estate Broker, Alan Duggan of Compass, to my good friend and Artist John Vinton for loaning me the perfect painting in preparation for the sale, and to all my friends and family for putting up with the happy chaos which is my life.


Moving Day Musings

That's Living

That’s Living

I heard somewhere that the average person moves 11 times in their life.  I’ve lost track of exactly how many times I’ve moved to date, but know that in the last three years alone I’ve moved eight times.  I’ve gotten pretty good at the drill and have to once again pay thanks to Humboldt Storage and Moving:

100 New Boston Drive . Canton . MA  Who ever came up with their slogan:  Relax and get moving, and told them to answer the phone:  “How can we reduce your stress today”, and then followed up by delivering on all their promises, should be a millionaire.  I adore their efficiency, honesty, and professionalism.  I wish they had other divisions that would manage the varied stresses of my life.  Alas, I look forward to the start of another chapter, with absolutely no trepidation about the move.

Kitchen Chaos

Kitchen Chaos

Things that have served me well in this nomadic existence of mine:

  • Adaptability
  • A “Just Do It” Attitude
  • Contingency Planning

Despite all my best efforts to pre-plan and be prepared, until you are actually in the space there are many things you simply miss.  My list is relatively long here, but in my defense I was only in the space a total of 40 minutes prior to my close on Monday.  That’s not a ton of time to absorb and reflect.  6 doors in the bedroom – oy vey, where in the heck are my dressers supposed to go?  One single drawer in the kitchen – how is that even possible.  Who designs a brand new kitchen with only one drawer?  A cable outlet by the front door and nowhere in the vicinity where one might reasonably consider placing a tv.  These things will all require a plan b, some creativity, and a just get it done attitude.

A Place to Rest my Head

A Place to Rest my Head

Stay posted as I adapt to these realities and see what I device for solutions.  Oh and if you are interested in furniture – I’ll be selling quite a few pieces that simply won’t work in my new home, but may be a beautiful addition to yours.  I’ll post them.

Now back to unpacking!